President assures he is not micro-managing Police Force

President of Guyana, David Granger

By Leroy Smith

President, David Granger
President, David Granger

[] – Head of State, Brigadier David Granger has given the assurance that he is not interfering in the realm of Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud since the Top Cop has the powers to effect transfers in the organization.

President Granger however confirmed that he did speak with Commissioner Persaud personally and requested that he put a hold on the transfers of some named senior police ranks until the Minister Designate is appointed.

Recently, several senior police officers received letters informing them that they would be taking up posts in other divisions with immediate effect. The move came following the removal of Assistant Commissioner Brian Joseph for “B” Division who is now heading the Presidential Guard Service, which is supported by Senior Superintendent Linden Alves.

“What I asked him to do is to give us a few hours to allow the designated minister for public security to take office, that’s all. I did not give an instruction. I said in fairness to the incoming Minister he should be aware of the changes which are taking place,” President Granger told journalists.

Among those who received letters are Assistant Commissioners Christopher Griffith, Marlon Chapman and Leslie James along with Senior Superintendents Errol Watts, Whitney Bacchus, Wendell Blanhum and Steven Mansell.

President Granger confirmed that the Post of Minister of National Security is one that will be filed by a nominee from the Alliance for Change; tipped for the position is Khemraj Ramjattan.



  1. Dictatorship has begun!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The undemocratic PNC government has started to usurp authorities!
    It is so evident that the PNC has started to undermine the AFC by giving soldier man Harmon such positions.

  2. Micro-management means “manage[ment] or control with excessive attention to minor details”. Hmmm….

  3. President Granger has accepted that the bucks stops with him and he is damn right to micro manage. Who has an issue with that can keep blowing froth.

  4. All a cover up after they realized what a stupid blunder the Presidency made, in a hurry to dismantle the GPF or for reasons best known to them. Who went there and took Brian Joseph?? His “transfer” could’ve also wait for the new Minister. Granger is currently surrounded by more security people than Ministers so no need to rush for Joseph. I do not think the Commissioner would effect transfers so early in a new administration. He was dictated to make the transfers by the Office of the President now called the Ministry of the Presidency, a place now filled with security/military men who seem to know what they want. Don’t try to portray to the public that the transfers were an act of the Commissioner of Police. He was dictated to make the transfers.


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