PPP supporters protest for recount of votes

A few residents of region 5 during their protest action
A few residents of region 5 during their protest action
A few residents of region 5 during their protest action

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says it supports the action of residents from Regions 2, 5 and 6 who on Wednesday staged peaceful picketing exercises at the respective regional GECOM offices.

A press release from the PPP noted that protesters bore placards calling for the resignation of GECOM’s Chairman Dr. Steve Surujbally and the demand for the Party’s legal request for a final general count.

“Residents are frustrated and feel cheated of their democratic rights. Hence, the Party calls on GECOM to act responsible in this very fragile moment in our country’s history,” the PPP noted.

The Party continues to maintain that it was cheated at the just concluded general and regional elections and demands that GECOM grants its request for a recount.

The PPP also intends to file an elections petition.




  1. Racist???? You should be the last talking whoever U are, if U don’t know politics shut up and just read on. Look at the new cabinet and the figure out what’s racist ok

  2. When Goocool Boodoo was the then CEO for gecom in the 2011 elections he did a lot of crap on behalf of the peepeepee n giv them seats the main opposition didn’t call for a country wide street protest they
    Got the president spot n the opposition got the majority in the house so y these sore losers just don’t accept the results n move on the very words of ramotar”the losers should accept defeat”

  3. I welcome this action by my fellow Guyanese to protest peacefully to air their concerns. What I do wonder tho, if they or any one of them is to be gun down during this process (God forbid) will that make them criminals?
    #Courtney Crum-Ewing

  4. RE COUNT the tax payers money, the 90m from the lotto funds,the millions spent on durban park,the 28 vehicles they took, these people did the gods to this nation,now they crying like spoil brats, enough is enough you out, get in the game and for the first time in 23 yrs do something for Guyana. The PPP has NO shame

  5. Gord..one question for ya…Did the International Observers witnessed the entire election process from start to finish? They all saw what you and me and most everyone saw……voters going to the polls to cast their votes in a peaceful manner then leaving in a peaceful manner. Were they witness to counting of votes tabulation of votes posted SOPs at polling stations and were they following ballot boxes to GECOM headquarters? Be reminded that election be it fair or unfair is not merely observing citizens going to the polls and leaving the polls in an orderly fashion.

  6. No recount is possible at this point. The returning officers said no. An elections petition is the only option left. The PPP should take their hooligans off the street and speak to their supporters about all the illegal land grabbing they are engaging in. We need peace in Guyana. Accept the results and move on.

  7. I hereby call upon the world to observe how peacefully the PPP are, they are not looting, burning properties, beating up people, nor even practice/display vulgarity.

  8. The international community declared that the elections were free and fair, the ppp needs to accept defeat and let the country move on with its business the pnc lost the elections in 1992,1997,2001,2006 and apnu lost at the2011 polls.the opposition believe that they were cheated too but they had to accept what the international observers and gecom declaration the ppp called opposition hooligans who wants to make the country ungovernable so the ppp needs to accept the results.this not ppp country this is Guyana and we are tired of their racist agenda

  9. Sour grapes. The Pee Pee Pee miss the power and taking advantage of the Guyanese people. Guyana is no longer for sale. These people protesting must be nuts. Haven’t they abused you enough. Ar’nt you tired of seeing them and their family and friends becoming fabulously rich on your money?

  10. “Residents are frustrated and feel cheated of their democratic rights.
    If they are not granted a recount then their democratic rights are being trampled upon again..If this has to go to court the PPPC will lose and there goes democracy as we know it in Guyana. New AG in town no other than Basil Williams. For years now most Guyanese will tell you that the judiciary is stacked to favor PNC. Look no further than when the Guyana Bar Association decides to speak out and speak again on some issues they chose to speak on.

  11. We the people of Guyana think Gecom should give a recount to the PPP party so the nation can be at peace :whether who win or lose or is there something Gecom has to hide ????????????????


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