“PPP/C manifesto is empty” – Ramjattan

Minister Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan
AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan
AFC Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan

[www.inewsguyana.com] – APNU+AFC Coalition candidate, Khemraj Ramjattan has criticized the recently released PPP/C manifesto as a compendium of emptiness.

A press statement from the Opposition coalition quoted Ramjattan as saying, “This is a hollow document, made up of empty promises, rhetoric and gimmickry.”

It should be noted that the coalition is yet to release their manifesto.

“And‎ above all, the cheap talk about what they will do about corruption bares them naked. Their omission to actually do anything about the sellout of the people’s patrimony in our forest and mining sectors and the massive corruption in procurement of goods and services, makes the manifesto bereft of any meaning and credibility,” Ramjattan asserted.

According to the press release, “The PPP has a record of outstanding failure. They have failed to deliver on reduced taxation, they have failed to hold Local Government Elections in 20 years, the fibre optic cable project has been a $3.6B failure, they have failed to establish the Public Procurement Commission, they have failed the sugar industry, they have failed the rice industry.”

In the release, Ramjattan said that the people of Guyana will not be fooled.

“Now they rehash old promises and slap them alongside some new empty promises in an attempt to dupe the Guyanese people. But the people of Guyana will no longer be fooled. It is time for change and this PPP/C government has just a few more days in office before they face the formal rejection from the people at the ballot box,” Ramjattan declared.

Ramjattan said too that the PPP/C manifesto is the most glaring evidence yet that the Party is devoid of ideas for the genuine development of Guyana and all its people.

According to the release, the APNU+AFC Coalition joint manifesto will be formally released in the coming week.

Ramjattan said the document is thorough and represents an all-encompassing plan for the real development of Guyana which caters to all Guyanese.



  1. Ramjattan, Now people can better understand why on the 28th of june 2011 Granger said “AFC lacks vision” He was really trying to say you’re blind! We know you said “Granger is dead meat”
    I guess it would be safe to say that PNC are all dead meat and they “STINKS” Also you said AFC will never joined with the Corrupt PNC. LIAR!
    Ramjattan for the world to understand how wicked and corrupt you PNC and AFC are they will have to GOOGLE:
    “Exposing AFC Deception and Corruption”
    “Mr Burnham did it again: A look at how PNC rigged 1973 Elections in Guyana”
    “The PNC rigged 1985 election in Guyana” (13).

  2. I believe,some of you are puppets and paid servants,but that won`t take you very far.You are so blind,that you will never see the precipice in front of you.Jagdeo and Ramotar will continue to ride you until the end of time.Your racial tendencies must destroy you,there lie your demise.

  3. All of you stifled the progress of this country in parliament and now u talking trash Kemraj. Moses is the side kick and u will be the clown in the circus of fools. U think this election will be like the last? Try going back to Berbice and fool up the indo guyanese for their votes…u r all a bunch of liars and the people of Guyana will indeed not be fooled this time round.

  4. yes ppp man e fest o is empty …dem ppp bastards ent geein awe dis free ous n land free watan electricity free toll on de burbeece jagdeo bridge duty free everything and no tax on anything…pnc giving we all dat an much more..so yapp pppites gwaan dah side yeh and listen to de cacked eye bana


    Just a little example of dumbness. Rima Rohee has a Linkedin profile. She cant even spell her profession correctly. https://www.linkedin.com/pub/rima-rohee-paul/49/117/778

    With potential leaders like that, Guyana headed further down crap creek without a paddle.


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