Urling, Bond call for peace as May 11 approaches

Clinton Urling and James Bond

By Fareeza Haniff

Clinton Urling and James Bond
Clinton Urling and James Bond

[www.inewsguyana.com] – As the date for General and Regional elections approaches, youth candidates from Guyana’s main political parties – Clinton Urling and James Bond have called on their supporters to remain calm and allow good sense to prevail.

During their appearance on the radio programme ‘Hard Talk’, APNU+AFC Candidate, Bond and People’s Progressive Party Civic Candidate, Urling were both very vocal on the issue.

According to Bond, he condemns any action, politically or racially motivated that seeks to disrupt society.

“I will also call on our supporters to act with discipline. We have been a disciplined Party for a number of years under the leadership of Brigadier Arthur Granger and let us maintain our discipline.”

He called on supporters to ensure that there is a smooth transition into government after the elections.

Meanwhile, Urling point out instances where sentiments could become inflammatory.

He urged leaders of both Parties to talk to their supporters about “keeping it clean.”

Both the PPP/C and APNU+AFC have been called out on various statements made at their respective rallies over the past weeks, which could be deemed inflammatory.

United States and British diplomats along with the Private Sector have already urged politicians to “tone it down.”

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) has written to the APNU+AFC coalition and the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) over what it seems “escalating hostility” as Guyana prepares for National Elections on May 11.

Chairman of the Commission, Ramesh Persaud told a news conference on April 24 that both of the political parties should be held responsible for the growing hostility.



  1. Is this the same James Bond that was burning Government properties in Linden? Can we really trust any PNC? The only way I will trust Bonds, is if he joined the PPP.

  2. We will harness Vanessa Kisson and all our bamie women but no one should be allowed to point fingers at gecom.

  3. Of all the individuals in Guyana, James Bond is calling for Peace ? Am I the only lunatic reading this crap ? It was better Hamilton Green do so…. Urling has tarnished his image by making that appeal together with Bond. He should let the military Elders in the PNC Executive/APNU hierarchy come out with such statements of committment. It may fly despite the historical role of the PNC. Is the 11% that Moses is bringing willing to be peaceful ? Or is Roopnarine knowlegaeble that the 11% is willing to also go down the road and hence called for ‘revloution”

  4. It is good to see these two young political leaders coming together to make this much-needed announcement.

  5. I am a supporter of the PP/C and I call for peace as the election date draws near. I have confidence the PPP/C will win these elections, but whoever wins, the new government must be given a chance to govern. Bond must also say, in no uncertain terms, once the elections are deemed free and fair his Party/Coalition will accept the results. Guyanese are much more matured than those in many other developing countries and we are very tolerant as a people. Even though one needs to be careful prior to the elections, the real test about maturity comes after the elections. I call once again on Mr Bond to make it publicly clear that once these elections have been declared free and fair by GECOM, the international observers who are here / will be here and others, his Party/Coalition will accept the results and move on.

  6. oh yeah pnc crowds are the most disciplined crowds in the entire world..when the looting and burning starts its always ” criminal elements infiltrate our peaceful crowds”

  7. The need to call for peace at a time like this is because of that corrosive chap Jagdeo. Everything that comes out of his mouth are blatant lies and half truths meant to racially incite. Jagdeo needs to stop fanning the flames of racism and inciting the depleated PPP support base.

    To all you remaining PPP supporters; the spirit of Cheddi Jagan is supporting the Coalition. Reasons being (1) The PPP leaders are corrupt and beyond redemption. (2) Bharrat Jagdeo has desecrated the names of Cheddi & Janet Jagan.


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