PPP/C bullyism resulted in Hydroelectric Bill not passed – AFC


The Alliance for Change (AFC) has stated in a press release today that it was fully prepared to support the Hydro-Electric Power (Amendment) Bill 2013 in the National Assembly yesterday.

According to the AFC, “This Bill provides for the conservation and preservation of the environment and eco-systems surrounding the hydroelectric resources of Guyana. The AFC supports any rational measure to protect the environment.”

However, despite acknowledging this fact, the AFC still voted against the Bill yesterday.

The AFC noted that it was not prepared to support the motion brought by the Government seeking approval to raise the guarantee of loans by public corporations and companies to $150B.

The AFC explained that the party did not support the Bill because the government chose not to debate the four Local Government Bills.

“The behaviour of the government, in not even speaking on these Bills clearly demonstrated total reluctance on their part to have Local Government Elections.

Despite securing the principled support of the AFC for the Hydroelectric Bill, the PPPC Members of Parliament attempted to force the AFC to support either both the Bill and the Motion, or none at all,” the AFC stated.

According to the party, “The  ‘bullyism’ and attempt to dominate the National Assembly by the minority PPPC Government forced the AFC to withhold its support for the Hydroelectric Bill.”

Meanwhile, Government’s Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira stated in the House yesterday that the Government parliamentarians were willing to debate the four Local Government Bills until midnight, if they have to and was willing to return today, Friday July 19 to continue the debate.



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