CIOG concerned with Opposition’s non – support for Hydro Bill

An artist’s impression of the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project

The Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) is concerned with the opposition’s non-support for the Hydro-Electric Power (Amendment) Bill, which plays a major part in moving the Amaila Falls Project forward.

In a statement today, President of the CIOG, Al Hajj Fazeel M. Ferouz said that the non-supporting of the Hydro-Electric Power Bill can have far reaching negative effects on Guyana’s development.

“Currently, Guyana’s fuel bill is probably the highest in the Caribbean and the Hydro Power project would see a drastic reduction in electricity cost, thereby enhancing the nation’s competiveness,” CIOG stated.

CIOG believes that with a fuel bill reduction, the nation’s engine of growth, the private sector will be better equipped to compete nationally and internationally and this will lead to an overall level of development for all Guyanese.

“Whilst we appreciate that there is an ongoing evolutionary process as manifested in the current parliamentary dispensation we hope and trust that our leaders exercise maturity and responsibility in an enlightened, cooperative and trusting manner taking the interest of all Guyanese, particularly the working class, the poor and the disadvantaged with great interest. The CIOG believes that supporting the Hydro-Electric Power (Amendment) Bill is a step in this direction.



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