PPP supports Gov’t audits but wants City Hall to be added


city-hall[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) in a statement on Thursday said it has noted “the widespread public outcry for City Hall to be audited.”

The Party said it has also taken notice of “the stiff resistance by the Mayor, the Deputy Mayor and the Town Clerk against any audit being done at City Hall,  a stand that runs counter to the present state of affairs where the country is awash with Commissions of Inquiries, audits, investigation, etc.”

“The defensive position adopted by Jaipaul Sharma, Junior Minister at the Ministry of Finance, in the wake of the public demand for City Hall to be audited is a shame and disgrace to the office he holds,” the statement noted.

It further added that “It is disingenuous for him to say that because it is part of the Local Government system, it is beyond the control of Central Government to audit City Hall.  Guyanese are not prone to accept such stupidity.
The Ministry of Public Service is part of Central Government and so is the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs, in the case of the former, an audit is currently being done there while the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs had conducted several audits at Amerindian Village Councils deemed to be supportive or the PPP/C.”

The PPP opposition said it “abhors the double standards being practiced by the APNU+AFC Coalition.”



  1. It seems you know a lot about Hammie doings… Which means one of two things, your were his one time partner in crime or you have evidence both of which makes you culpable. If not and (as i suspect) you are speaking out of your ass, “cause bare shit ya talking”! and Valesha I agree with you the boat sinking but is the PPP boat look how them audits skinning up the PPP one by one, Seeraj and the 100 million loan, Priya stashing equipment in NCN, Jenny and the case of the missing half a billion, plus thiefing cars, and the list goes on… I wonder if you caught up in any of the audits Valie.

  2. PPP supports Gov’t audits but wants City Hall to be added
    City Hall and mayor for life Green are depressed institution and person so no one must audit them.

  3. Granger is afraid that the AUDIT might lead to JAIL time for Hamilton Green….the man he just inducted into GUYANA HALL OF SHAME! GREEN should have been sent to Jail a long time ago….for 1) the killing of Walter Roodney 2) The Killing of his first wife on her birthday which he poison and cremated before 6PM (cremating a christian?)….and finally 3) For Coordinating several high profile robbers carried out by the owner of the ESSO gas station along buxton….This clown was executed by Roger Khan! -These people used to throw post on the public road along Buxton and stop vehicles to commit robbery! This is proving that the APNU is the same as PNC….no difference! Since they took office, the country is bankrupt, crime rate is sky high and everyone is staying away from investing a penny…..the boat is slowly sinking….

  4. I agree that City Hall should be included in the audit. The resistance could be that they have much to hide. However, it’s ironic that the PPP/C is calling for this, makes one wonder if it’s there way of “outing” Hamilton Green???



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