Teacher’s Union disappointed with Gov’t salary increases


By Jomo Paul

General Secretary of the GTU, Coretta-McDonald
General Secretary of the GTU, Coretta-McDonald

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Teachers Union (GTU) has expressed some amount of disappointment with the decision taken by the APNU+AFC government to increase the salaries of Ministers and Vice Presidents by up to 50%.

General Secretary of the GTU Coretta McDonald in an invited comment, expressed the disappointment; noting that it doesn’t sit well with the Union since workers were given as little as a 5% increase in salaries.

“The GTU; we are quite disappointed…the government has seen it fit to award themselves 50% increase while awarding a meager teachers and workers a 5% increase,” said Mc Donald.

The General Secretary is hoping that good sense would prevail among the politicians and there would be some reconsideration of the increases offered to workers.

“We are hoping that good sense will prevail and they would revist the increases given to teachers and come December teachers and workers will be given another increase in their salaries,” she said.

State Minister, Joseph Harmon had posited that if the government wants to get the best out of its officials then, paying them well would be sure way to go.

“We have to pay people well if we want them to perform. I am not going to say that I make any apologies whatsoever for Ministers getting increase in salaries, they deserve it.”

But Mc Donald said that the labour force is equally important.

“If we don’t cause the wheels to turn then the government minister’s cant look good and just the same way you see yourself as being important; you see yourself as being quality professionals the teachers are quality professionals too,” she noted.



  1. Teacher’s Union disappointed with Gov’t salary increases
    Well you must not complain since you get what you didnt vote for.
    US installed them for you and you know it but did nothing about it.
    They at the top must eat stake and potato while you must sit and wait for their scraps.

  2. Cadillac style salary in a donkey cart economy will kill the poor donkey. The portent of things to come.

  3. we voted for change and that’s we will get in our pockets, small ‘CHANGE.” THEY’RE LOOKING AS THOUGH THEY WILL BECOME WORSE THAN THE PPP/C IN THE COMING YEARS. As the saying goes “you know what you have, you dont know what you going and meet.” TALK ALL SO THAT THE PEOPLE COULD KNOW

  4. So what is Mr Harmon trying to say? That only the ministers of government should be motivated to work well by their increased salary? So we should not try to motivate our teachers in sculpting the minds of our young ones? Who taught you all you know Mr Harmon? Wasn’t it not a teacher? If that teacher was not motivated to teach you would you be able to stand where you are today Mr Harmon?

  5. Finally a concerned group is voicing their opinion on this immense increase for Ministers/Vice Presidents. Good luck to the GTU however this defacto Government that you placed there won’t look out for your interest rather they will continue to full their pockets. No one should justify a 50% increase for these Ministers and Vice Presidents since they have only been on the job for 5 months.


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