PPP says Jagdeo’s return has received “overwhelming support”


PPP[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has responded to concerns raised by a group of protestors who are calling on the Party to rescind its nomination of Bharrat Jagdeo as Leader of the Opposition.

According to the Party, the protest was conducted by “some known-perennial oppositionists who” chose not to address other important issues affecting Guyanese at the moment.

As a matter of fact, the PPP says that Jagdeo’s appointment as Opposition Leader has received overwhelming support from Guyanese here and abroad.

“Dr. Jagdeo’s re-entry into active politics and more so to the National Assembly has received the overwhelming support from Guyanese at home and abroad.Therefore, this latest public display by the usual suspects is laughable, especially with the many grave human rights violations taking place under the hands of the David Granger-led de facto government,” a release from the Party stated.

The PPP says the protestors fail to see the spiralling crime rate where innocent and law-abiding Guyanese are “being killed almost daily by bandits, because of the de facto government’s failure to present a workable security plan.”

“We, therefore, urge these malcontents to stop playing political mind games with Guyanese and do exactly what they are receiving donor community funds to do, that is, to work towards ensuring the de facto government ceases trampling on the rights of citizens of this country,” the release stated.

The activists, who mounted a Tuesday midday protest outside of Freedom House on Robb Street also also want Former Attorney General Anil Nandlall and Former Health Minister Dr Bheri Ramsaran to be disqualified from entering parliament.

The Leader of the 1823 Monument Coalition, Penda Guyan told iNews that she would not support an “outright racist” and a “terrorist” in the legislative arm of government.



  1. Welcome back President Jagdeo. I will ensure my entire family gets registered for the next upcoming election and put that X next to the cup.

    You are the man that APNU+AFC=PNC are afraid of.

  2. It is you who is living in a delusional world Yaw. It is you who turned a blind eye to the pnc ex commissioner of police,now a government minister in the de facto Granger government,that was caught on tape planning to bring a woman down by planting cocaine on her person as she was about to board a plane out of Guyana, And you have the temerity to talk about women abuse and violence against women. What about the ex speaker and now minister of government that is an accused paedophile still sitting in the de facto government. You have no morals and is lost in your Yaw………….. spell your last name backwards to understand my last sentence idiot!!!!

  3. Now you looking for evidence? This great leader will always be great,b’coz It was only him with the intestinal fortitude that stood up to and won against the ‘slo fyah mo fyah” policy of that failed pnc strongman and his debilitating burnhamite policies that destroyed Guyana.

    All the stupid talk of corruption and nepotism,thievery and scandalous governing can never be proven in a court of law. It was all a ploy conducted by the pnc and its slavish followers that aligned with the demagogues in the afc that cannot to this day bring one iota of evidence against the fallacious charges brought against this noble son of Guyana.
    Gwaan da side wid yuh foolishness!!!!

  4. I love the comments by the mostly ignorant people.Life seems to be controlled by their un-evolved psyche.They cannot be reasoned with, hence their animalistic behaviour. Their poor rationale is based on propaganda not facts.Know what you are talking about before you criticize.There is no perfect world, …….maybe to the dim witted….The real thieves, bastards, liars, charlatans are in government now.Doesn’t take much to figure that out.People work for money , not cry that they are being marginalized.

  5. Mr. Jagdeo is old story. He served two terms. Good or bad? The PPP deserve new leadership. The party can draw from its poll of talented MPs; otherwise it is a doomed part.
    The executive of the PPP may support him but not the general population.
    RIP Jagdeo.

  6. NONE of the 200,000+ voters who put their X for the PPP voted Jagdeo. They did so for Ramoutar and Harper. Yet Jagdeo and his band of idiots, thieves, molesters and terrorists have taken over.

    Jagdeo and his crooked, foul mouthed, cuss down approach to getting his way will forever bury the PPP and condemn them to Opposition status.

  7. The PPP continues to live in a delusional world. The PPP needs to look within itself so that it does not have to hold press conferences to justify de facto racists and promoters of violence against women being its leading lights.

  8. Birds of a feather. Where is the evidence that Guyanese at home and abroad are excited that this forked tongue blatant racist is going to be opposition leader where is the proof?The opposite is more accurate Guyanese at home and abroad are relieved that this blood sucker and his fellow mosquitoes are no longer in a position to suck the life blood out of the country. Hypocrisy is running rampant in the PPP. One would believe from the pronouncements emanating from this party that crime was either non- existant or under control under their watch. Of course the record speaks for itself. We the citizens of Guyana are well aware of the roger khans of our country and the free hand he and those like him were allowed to have in victimizing and killing Guyanese.Gadraj, Waddell, Crum-Ewing and countless others named and unnamed. Be for real PPP the crime wave did not begin two months ago. This lawlessness had its genesis under your watch. Of course the criminals had great examples at the top.

  9. I fully support Dr Jagdeo for opposition leader and our next president. So does my cousin, naana, maamoo, pua, naanie and chacha. Our neighbor Ooneeka like dah man baad baad, yuh hear? And Fitsee seh up to yesterday his grandfather in Linden was saying Dr Jagdeo is the best choice for opposition leader.

    I pray to Bhagwan that he is well protected and is given the wisdom and foresight to do an excellent job for ALL the people of Guyana. Namaste.


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