PPP may be in parliament at next sitting

Dr Roger Luncheon

By Jomo Paul

Dr Roger Luncheon
Dr Roger Luncheon

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Former Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon has hinted at the possible entry of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) into parliament at the next sitting of the house while affirming that his political life is not over.

Dr Luncheon was the time fielding questions from members of the media at a press conference at Freedom House on Saturday, July 18 where he disclosed that the earliest date for the PPP’s return to parliament is July 30.

Since the Party lost the May 11 elections it has not entered the National Assembly but has named its parliamentarians with Dr Bharrat Jagdeo heading the list as Leader of the Opposition.

The Party would have received flak from the diplomatic corps as they were urged to take up their seats in Parliament.

“PPP could return at earliest on the 30th…I wouldn’t be definitive but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did,” said Dr Luncheon a Leader of the PPP.

Referring to his role in the Party and in active Guyanese politicking, Dr Luncheon made it clear that Guyanese would see more rather than less of him on the political scene.

Luncheon was an avid PPP campaigner in the run up to the May 11 polls having appeared on many of the campaign platforms. This is despite him being ill having being diagnosed with cancer.

“I don’t intend to have my health and concerns about my health being the subject of further disclosure,” said the Former Cabinet Secretary when questioned by reporters.



  1. Reading through your response Roy, it is evident that you have no respect for the elderly. You equate people with machines and when they have outlived their usefulness, they are thrown into the scrap heap. Well my fellow Guyanese, I beg to disagree with you on that score.You don’t treat your elderly folks like machines You treat them with kindness and respect. They were the ones who nurtured you, held your hands, loved you, and not one day made any complaint.
    You will tell your elderly folks to ”step aside” but I specifically put to you if you would call them ”old fool”? You would, it appears, never grow old. Good luck!!!
    ”Age discrimination is bull. New life must come in to play. New life brings new ideas”.
    There is something called History. Have you ever heard that word?
    Have a lovely day

  2. Oh and for the second part of your statement. I don’t pick sides PPP or APNU they are all a group of OLD FOOLS. Every last one of them in the PPP/APNU are thieves. The PPP was one for you and two for me. The APNU will be no differ. One for you three for me.

  3. Yes I would tell that to my parents and I have. Mom and dad worked and has young man and young woman me and my sister told them it was time for them to enjoy the golden years ahead a head of them. Some people don’t know when to step aside and let new life come in. It’s the natural circle of life. When you try to go against that circle then things go in to disarray. Take a look around the world today. We want people to live longer now we don’t have food for feed them. Everything and everyone has a life span and we are messing with it trying to play god.Once again yes I would tell them to step a side. Age discrimination is bull. New life must come in to play. New life brings new ideas.

  4. Ageism is totally unacceptable and wrong. Would you tell that to your parents or elderly relative? Why don’t you direct that puerile comment to Granger, Harmon, Rupnaraine, Moses, Felix and all those senior ministers in the govt who have past their retirement age? Would you address them as “old fools”? Would you have addressed him as “old fool” had he been on Grangers’ side?
    If you should be blessed with children how would you feel/ react if they called you old fool?
    “New brooms sweep clean but old ones know all the corners”


  6. Emile, your comment is just like one coming from a person who has nothing to say. That sort of person could be justifiably described as a “low life”

  7. Good to see the doctor…refreshing news after a long time doc…where were u all the time to advise Rowee,


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