Top Cop criticizes justice system


By Jomo Paul

Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud

[] – The Guyana Police Force (GPF) has intensified its efforts to regain public trust and is looking to start from the core of the issue, however the issue of the sloth in Guyana’s justice system should be addressed as a matter of priority, according to Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud.

Addressing police officers at the opening ceremony of the seminar for Divisional Community Relations Officers, the Police Commissioner spoke about the slow process of the judiciary, pointing out that it is not fulfilling it purpose.

As such, he noted that criminals are not feeling the brunt of the law, so when the system is supposed to act as a deterrent to crime; it is not.

He further noted that the majority of persons involved in criminal activities are between the ages of 16-35 and these would include repeat offenders.

Making a nexus between the repeat offenders and the justice system; the Top Cop stated “so they come back out and behave the same way…it speaks to the effectiveness of the justice system as a deterrent to crime.”

According to the Top Cop, to effectively tackle crime it is essential that the police have a vibrant support from unnamed (4)the communities within which they serve

He said that such relationships can be bolstered through community interaction which will be done with the aid of religious organizations.

The Police commissioner explained hat the objectives of the church and the police share a commonality hence it would be easy for them to work together.

“To prevent antisocial behaviour – the police will want to have a role in (that) and the church will also want to have a role in (that),” said the Police Commissioner.




  1. Dear Commissioner, it should not only be the church, it includes the mosques and the temples.The entire society. The DJ’s on the radios and the structure of the family. Too many of our youths are raising themselves. Take a look at the number of women that are security guards and therein lies your answer. Bring back National Service.

  2. When you had a criminal as an attorney general making threats of blood bath at the kaieteur news and Chang as acting Cheif Justice how could things work?

  3. How about longer sentences and solving the problem of missing court jackets, settlement out of courts etc? Unless you increase the length of prison terms, criminals will not be deterred. You might need to build more prisons and the country would welcome that.

  4. This where the commissioner feel free to express himself and not having a government minister controlling what he should say or do. Way to go keep up the good work.


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