PPP hit by wave of protests from Amerindians- APNU

APNU Members from L-R: Dr. George Norton, Renita Williams and Dawn Hastings. [File iNews' Photo]


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

APNU Members from L-R: Dr. George Norton, Renita Williams and Dawn Hastings. [File iNews' Photo]
APNU Members from L-R: Dr. George Norton, Renita Williams and Dawn Hastings. [File iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Partnership for national Unity (APNU) today highlighted what it deemed a “wave of angry public protests in the hinterland communities and from the Amerindian people” against the People’s Progressive party Civic (PPP/C).

ANPU Member of Parliament, Dr. George Norton at a press conference stated that the PPPC “seems to be blissfully oblivious of the disfavor with which it is viewed by residents”.

Further, he stated that the ruling Party has deliberately underfunded the physical infrastructure needed for real hinterland development and continues to undermine regional and local councils needed to administer the vast territory.

A number of protests of recent were highlighted by Norton, which includes the protest by parents and pupils of Port Kaituma against the deplorable condition of the school. Mabaruma was another community plagued by protest action due to the unstable supply in electricity. Residents of Bartica held a number of protests with regards to the same electricity concerns.

“The PPP/C-for over two decades has demonstrated its unwillingness to improve the quality of life of the indigenous residents of the hinterland and to develop the physical infrastructure there”.

It was then that he recommitted the APNU’s pursuit of the hinterland to develop the physical infrastructure. The Party also weighed in on the matter of Bai Shan Lin calling it a “national Scandal” following media reports that the company was exploiting Guyanese.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament Ronald Bulkan also noted that foreign companies are extracting natural resources and benefitting “from significant duty exemption and tax concessions which are not being made available to the public”.

He further suggested that discussions should take place with the relevant RDC’s when large scale operations will be done by investors in any sector, particularly as it relates to logging.

“As we have learned, the RDC of region 10 was never consulted and regional chairman Sharma Solomon is on record saying there is very little employment that is taking place on the part of this company, whatever little locals are employed they are being shockingly underpaid”.

They are seeking further clarity on the matter as it relates to the benefit this company continues to enjoy.




  1. People stop being fooled by this wicked regime all the cut money use to be going in they pocket just like how Ashni tekking moneys form the contingency funds he could tek it and spend on the Amerindians too TO SHOW HE INTERESTED IN DEM.

  2. the protests were in gt and were against apnu/afc budget cuts for their communities. our Amerindian brothers were cursed and called all kinds of names by apnu supporters. but it’s election time now, ah boy!

  3. imagine these pnc people having a press briefing n reading text message on their fone…maybe they are told through text what to say…ha ha ha

  4. This is crazy coming from APNU. Didnt the government allocate huge sums for hinterland development and didn’t APNU cut this out from the budget? APNU is dishonest and playing politics here.


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