PPP furious over Magistrate’s ruling on Jagdeo’s case

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo (left)
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo (left)

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party has noted its outrage over a recent decision made by Magistrate Charlyn Artiga at the Whim Magistrate’s Court ordering Former President Bharrat Jagdeo not to leave the country without approval from the court.

The ruling was given after Jagdeo appeared before the Magistrate, where he was charged with the offence of racial incitement. The Magistrate released Jagdeo on his own recognisance and ordered him to stay in the country.

“We view this is an ominous sign. We view this as a violation of the Constitutional right and freedom of Cde Jagdeo to travel, as well as a threat to the constitutional rights and freedoms of Guyanese everywhere. We know that persons are charged everyday by the Police with much more serious and grave offenses but they are not expressly prohibited by Magistrates from leaving the Jurisdiction,” a PPP press statement noted.

The Party claimed that these types of action are reminiscent of the notorious Burnham years, “when Opposition Politicians were prevented from leaving Guyana. In less than two weeks into this new administration, these days are upon us already.”

Meanwhile, Jagdeo’s Attorney Anil Nandlall in a statement said “the dubious private criminal charge filed by Christopher Ram against Former President Bharrat Jagdeo was called today at Whim Magistrates’ Court. On the last occasion, Attorneys-at-Law representing the Former President made oral and written submissions that the charge was frivolous, vexatious and without any basis in law and they requested that the same be dismissed by the learned Magistrate.”

He said that to date, no summons has been served upon the Former President in person, or otherwise, to secure his attendance in person before the court as is required by law. As a result, the Former President was duly advised by his Attorneys-at-Law that his presence before the court is unnecessary, at this point in time of the proceedings.

He pointed out that the Magistrate then announced, for the first time that she is over-ruling the preliminary objections and submissions made and that the defendant must appear before her.

 “I resolutely maintain that the charges are completely without merit, malicious and concocted and further that we will spare no effort in ensuring that justice is done,” said Nandlall.



  1. i’m glad for change ,a clean Country and there is a good change,you can feel . Some people are fighting up knowing that Guyana really needed this change , they needed someone that would stand up for the people and equal wrights for all not some alone. I know what Guyana was like them in P.N.C. time and in P.P.P. time. P.N.C. time I can’t get back , P.P.P. time I don’t want back with $10 coins then taxes on food when people salaries was so bad enough, then selling out G.E.C. ,closing Bauxite etc,etc,etc look don’t get me started. All people need is someone who will fight for them no matter where they go and not to waste the tax payer’s money , they want to benefit from it as well ,like keeping the country green ,clean drains,garbage bins must be all over the city and the City counsel must see to it that they workers do a very good job by leaving nothing behind .Guyana need to get back to that PLACE. Stop foolishness of racism amount each other ,weather you are (1)one of the(5)five colours of the flag it should not matter. LOOK AT IT THIS WAY A BABY DOES NOT BORN RACIAL GUEST WHO TEACHES THE TO BE RACIAL ( ITS PARENTS AND THOSE AROUND) .So people live with love.

  2. Racial incitement should be taken seriously. He made racist statements and he should be jailed. Guyana cannot afford apaan jhat, remember Rwanda? Remember Hitler?

  3. Vindictive crutch-scratchng jagdeo is about the nastiest piece of flesh ever produced by Guyanese parents… jailed Mark Benschop for 5 years for absolutely nothing then said it was to teach him a lesson…

  4. Whatever you mean I second it. We all know that they are trying very hard to make Jagdeo an example for their own racial agenda. If he goes to jail then 007 will have to go too. Facebook is a public place. I can’t see how they intend to jail someone for repeating what was said and done by others.

  5. I see we have some very educated people here. Why don’t you go and get a job as a minister too? Looks like Danger giving you lots to eat and drink. Go to school and then come back to talk to me ok.

  6. I commend you RGT, thumbs up to President Granger for releasing those non voilent youths for petty crime, the PPP has destroyed our youths, they have place those innocent youth among high profile criminal to further destroyed their future , instead of warning them and giving them another chance for remedial learning. They want our youths to turn into high profile crimes so they could shoot them down, throw them in jail or get them to join their phantom squad. But thank God for President Granger, he is making space for the real criminal like jagdeo, come on Magistrates hurry and call up those cases let dem all go to jail, we now have enough space to accomodate them, I also hope they seperate them from the other criminals before they further infect them with their notoriousness repetition.

  7. Miss Free or whatever you call yourself you have all reason to support the PPP, your name says it all you accustom getting eveything free, you dont have ambition to work, you should get up from you lazy trooters and go find a job. in case you dont know the cup is empty and has a hole, even if water coulda fill it is its no good no more. It is people like you who had poor people suffering, all because you de getting lil soup from the PPP cup. Get up and work or betta yet, go and help dem protest like a mascarade outside Gecom at least we could get somthing to laugh about you irate and arrogant fool.

  8. Jagdeo jail mark for speaking the truth, he is claiming there Gov’t was democratic, can you beleive this liar, but God is just and wha measure wrong does measure back, wha goes around comes around, Mark has finally got his reward. Jagdeo want to commit crime and don’t wan’t to stand in the box, he think he is God so de Magistrate suppose to come out she sit fuh he sit down, but jagdeo yuh lie, you are just like every other criminal, if fact you are worst than some of them because you committing crime blatant in broad day light, fuh me you guilty with no innocence.

  9. bobby. Anyone who has been following the antics and cavalier attitude to the laws of this country, should understand why most of the Population view the upper PPP hierarchy as a collection of criminals.Their Supporters,and I suppose it is fair to count you as one of them, are among the Lawless generation who misruled this country in excess of twenty (20) years. I would suggest that instead of posting nonsense, all of you had better prepare your defense against the charges which will surely be launched against you… Typical of your ilk, calling people names, cussing out. You people for all your ill-gotten wealth are the dregs of society. We will clean out the Augean Stables. Have no fear. We the People will have our day in Court.

  10. Can someone tell me why the IAC is in the forefront of the PPP’S shameless campaign to derail the election they lost for the second time in 3 years? This sham organization that calls itself a representative of “indians” has long ago revealed itself as nothing more than a PPP front. Small wonder Ryaan Shah was having sleepless nights when Jagdeo’s unbridled racism was challenged. With all the bravado she was espousing, why did she push her minions to the front in their futile mission to the Carter? Stand up and be Shaah. We know you are behind this desperate bid.

  11. Dr. Jagdeo, if Dr. Jagan passed through more than that and overcame, so will you. ” The flea is not bigger than the elephant because it sucks it’s blood.” I predict that Christopher , the ramgoat, will come to a disgraceful end.

  12. You are not the Magistrate in this case Anil,you are merely a lawyer,who may be representing Jagdeo.This is not in the days when the LAWS of this country were flouted and disrespected by you and your government,this is a NEW BEGINNING,and you have got to adhere to the rules.HOW DARE YOU.THE MAGISTRATE IS IN CHARGE.

  13. Green Giant, please tell me why Jagdeo had my school mate Mark Benchscope jailed and some others killed while he was riding high as president? Every dog has its day as we say but when it’s his day, he’s not too please. Maybe as he look at all the events taking place in Guyana at present his guilty conscience will arouse a sense of dread in him because he understands it’s all over

  14. I wonder why our honest comment have to be waiting for moderation. The first thing This so call fair activist have to make law is “Freedom of speech” so just post the damn thing without having to be reviewed to determine if it is meet the leading party requirements before other can view it. Thank goodness i no longer live in that dump.

  15. Again, you’re defending this degenerate? You still don’t get it, Jagdeo is the reason why the PPP/C is where it is presently. WOW! Respect, for the courts and the justice system, laws of the land, is something you need to learn, Mr Ramotar, no more bribery or intimidation, no more Death Squad.

  16. Lol all of us wants to move on but if you people keep on wanting revenge then it will have to cut both ways. All the criminals on both sides going to jail together.

  17. Of course they would be upset, Justice is being served and the PPP do not know what the word means, it is not in their vocablury.Oh gosh , they may not even know what vocabulary means!

  18. Who iz dem an who iz u?
    U need to first make peace with your inner soul.
    Do not leave a yoke on your children necks to carry.

  19. When unqualified and sometime very biased people are given some power, they think they are the Almighty God.

  20. Its time for a big change in Guyana, that’s one thing with the USA it don’t matter how big you are in that country, when the law ready for you it comes for you……Guyana even thou we got rape without a condom by Jagdeo and Ramotar, whose name don’t even reach the respect to add Mr. to it , let be positive and work with our new Government to make our land a better place…

    Many innocent people lost their life and were imprison during the PPP government, not saying that some don’t deserve it, but what goes for one goes for all. knowing how there are so wicked and bad mind it a possibility they might even go after the Magistrate, it would not be the first because during the previous Government i can remember magistrate loosing there job, because ministers kids were charged for a crime they committed etc….

    Mr. President you need to call those cases back into the court…..

    The blood of the innocent will forever be crying on all of you, shameless and disrespectful ministers that destroyed and sell out Guyana….

    Jagdeo,Ramotar and many more to come, your time is here and i will live to see you face it the same way…..

  21. I think the PPP should stop stirring up problems in Guyana. I they truly have Guyana and Guyanese at heart they would stop this nonsense and pursue peace and unity. We cannot continue with this bickering. I do not want my children walking around with the burden of things that occurred before I was burn. It served me no good and it will serve them no good. We the people need to tell them it is enough, we want to move on.

  22. We was furious about how Veerasammy Ramayya at the Berbice court was treated also..
    What goes around, comes around fool. More to come.

  23. Once again you’re a perfect example of what the PPP constantly refer to as active memories aka short term memory , PPP never protest ? how would you explain the burning of tires at Port Mourant and destroying public road ? which may i add happens under the PPP administration , the PPP realize they couldn’t garner the support in town , so they bring the foolishness to them gullible , knuckle head country people to start strive , they know all to well they lost the election fair and square , but they impression they wanna leave in their supporters mind is that they were cheated and the election was rigged , who in their right mind would call for a recount, at the same time declaring victory, even before the ballot wasn’t close ? pee pee piss ya lie! pardon non criminal offenders Mr President , time to catch the big fish , Jattan gwan mek y’all see days , don’t blame Mr Granger, he’s a saver , if you think I’m lying ask your boy friend Kwame.

  24. Yes. The crimes he has committed he has to pay for. If people had rioted and been killed, the international court would have picked him up for genocide. He is a demon.

  25. Taking to the streets LOL ,what a joke,,that will be the day,your COP has a new boss, you will get the same action that you dished out to the notion when you were in power,HUMBLE is the magic word ,,learn it and understand it,,you would still be in power today

  26. Power cut, you have NO power to remove or disrespect the LAWS of Guyana, its nice to see the Shoe on the right foot ,,its judgement day,,you do the CRIME do the TIME,,straight to Jail NO bail ,,

  27. This man is a rascist danger to Gyanese society, he should have been under close arrest confined to the boundries of his house.

  28. Mr. Jagdeo always wanted his day in court, now that he has it can anyone tell me why the PPP is so angry. Unless hmmm, the PPP never thought that the likes of Mr. Jagdeo would never see the inside of a court room. Just imagine should he be found guilty and have to spend time in jail hmmm. By the way I believe the magistrate is doing him a favor by keeping him in Guyana, cause you never know what the international courts has in store for him, maybe if the get a hold of him I don’t think that even the Chatree could put up a legal argument on his behalf. (just a thought eh)

  29. Blame yourself. For we know you would seek to frustrate the court with your absence. You can travel but with the court permission. You are an awful looser for a president who once behaved as if you are above the law. Your pronouncements a pathetic to say the least

  30. i told many ppp people a very long time ago that the day when pnc come to power that members of ppp will have lots of trump up charges against them and some will even be charged for j-walking..i also told them to take a serious look at the judiciary and how its fully stacked in pnc favor..i went as far as saying that even if they rigged election to get back in power ..and it look like they did..the ppp will lose once it goes to court..the silent majorty in guyana must find a way to get out since there will be no justice for them period..

  31. You are a victim of personal revenge. Don’t you see these people want so badly to jail you they don’t care what nobody says or does. This is what I have been talking about the laws and lawlessness in Guyana. Don’t think this will go down too well with any of the PPP supporters. We never took to the streets but everyone has a breaking point.


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