President defends size of Cabinet and renaming of Ministries

President David Granger meeting with his Ministers of the Cabinet. [GINA Photo]

A section of the gathering of Ministers of Government at the Office of the President as they met for their first Cabinet meeting , May 25, 2015. [GINA Photo]
A section of the gathering of Ministers of Government at the Office of the President as they met for their first Cabinet meeting , May 25, 2015. [GINA Photo]
[] – President David Granger has dismissed claims that the new APNU+AFC coalition government is a “large government,” and pointed out that there are fewer ministries than those under the previous administration.

“It is the amalgamation of the ministries that would have created concerns,” the President said. “I have not created a larger number of ministries than existed before; there are now fewer than there were before, as far as the names are concerned, I have explained that some of the changes in name were to emphasise the functions.”

Citing one example, the President pointed out that the Ministry of the Presidency always existed as it is merely the renaming of the Office of the President.

“I felt it necessary to have a Minister of State, who would continue to act authoritatively to ensure that the Cabinet decisions are implemented throughout the government service.”

President David Granger meeting with his Ministers of the Cabinet. [GINA Photo]
President David Granger meeting with his Ministers of the Cabinet. [GINA Photo]
Explaining the name change of the Ministry of Local Government to Ministry of communities, President Granger said, “We are not simply building houses or building roads, we are building communities where human beings live and that is why it was renamed to emphasise the human aspect of local development, local government, of regional government and of housing schemes and water supply.”

The Head of State stressed the need to see places where citizens dwell, not just a collection of buildings, but a collection of families, so that emphasis can be placed on sporting facilities, culture and other types of community life.

These, and more the President said are more often than not, absent from newly developed housing schemes, across the country.

The renaming of the Ministry of Home Affairs to the Ministry of Public Security, the President said is self-explanatory.

“What does Home Affairs mean? Home Affairs is an old title which is taken from the British Empire, they had foreign affairs which dealt with international matters and home affairs, but we do not have an empire, so why should we call it Home Affairs?”

Likewise the Ministry of Public Infrastructure from the Ministry of Public Works is also self-explanatory as it caters to infrastructure for public use, and will be dealing with stellings, roadways and bridges.

Meanwhile, responding to the issue of no consultations being held before the renaming of some of the ministries, President Granger said, “there is a lot of criticism, but some of it is not well informed. The Ministry of Indigenous People’s (Affairs), the Indigenous people said that they prefer to be called ‘indigenous peoples’ rather than to be called Amerindians.”

With regard to the appointments, he said, “I had to have some consultations before the appointments were made; I could not sit down by myself and make Mr. Ramjattan a Vice President.” [Extracted and modified from GINA]


  1. Wow it is truly perturbing that after all these years …instead of us coming together as a nation; we are fighting about the changes made by a man who’s intentions are honorable, and which reflects his initial prospects as it relates to the betterment of all Guyanese! Authur Chung was indeed the first president of this great nation: and to forget that he has made a significant contribution is to forget our identity, it’s an immutable fact that we can’t ignore. I have no qualms with the change made in recognition of Mr Chung. I honestly believe that this was a honorable and Admirable Gesture! Thank you Mr President for englightening our nation! Since most Guyanese were not aware of such, especially our younger generation!

  2. Some of you are still in a STUPOR.CONSULTATION is ALIEN to the former government,likewise those of you who feel indigenous is a STRANGE WORD.The Ameridians in consultation with the NEW government ,AGREED that INDIGENOUS is the better of the two words or names by which to address them,which means NATIVE,as simple as that.

  3. A name change is expected after all Forbes did it. Georgetown never had a clean up eh…listen to you ungrateful people. .you are the ones responsible for the mess this is why you and people like you cleaning it. Clean your mess up and shut up.

  4. post rohee’s qualifications and i will post jaipaul sharma’s. and after the new administration recovers the monies alexei ramotar, surender engineering and fip motilall flushed down the drain, there will be enough money to pay 100 ministers for ten years, so don’t you worry about ministers in government. you will see many from the ppp government in cages and behind bars.

  5. cry a’yuh hearts out that a’yuh cannot t’ief anymore. guyana will indeed require a name change after becoming renowned worldwide for the most former ministers and presidents being locked up for running the country bankrupt while filling their bank accounts and lining their pockets.

  6. Note plenty taxpayers $$$$$ to make the change n pay the tons of ministers within the ministry. By the way we would like to no mr jaipaul sharma qualifications n y the flooding out of rice farmers in essequibo. Did not air on vop as yet

  7. I agree George. Seems like Granger consulted only with his ‘Indigenous’ wife. She is very opinionated and seemingly very influential on him.

  8. There are thIngs in life more important to reflect on than fussing over name change. Georgetown is now being cleaned up after 23 yrs. Lets be positive.

  9. All these name changes are dictatorial including the renaming of the International Convention Centre. There are many opinions on what is really ‘indigenous”. A group is considered Indigenous if it defines itself that way based on historical circumstances. Sometime back I met a guy at Kaieteur top while doing some work there. I could see he was Afro-Guyanese, wore dreadlocks with fair complexion. During our conversation he told me he is “indigenous”. Would Granger’s new Ministry cater for this guy??

    Amerindian is a designation that refers to native ‘American’ people living in North and South America and the Caribbean. They were there prior to the arrival of the Europeans. The renaming of the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs is dictatorial.


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