Carter Centre urged to support forensic audit of elections, functional ERC

Carter Centre's Field Office Director Jason Calder (second from left) along with IAC members
Carter Centre's Field Office Director Jason Calder (second from left) along with IAC members
Carter Centre’s Field Office Director Jason Calder (second from left) along with IAC members

[] – The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) at a meeting with the Carter Centre on Monday, May 25 plugged for an immediate, impartial and independent International Forensic Audit of the May 11 general and regional elections‎.

A release from the national Indian rights group urged the Carter Centre to use its presence to ensure that the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) is convened and fully functional.

The IAC said that it informed the Carter Centre’s Field Office Director Jason Calder of the need for a sustained presence to support national stakeholders “in addressing many of the underlying factors affecting social cohesion and breeding mistrust among the various ethnic groups in Guyana.”

‎The IAC release noted that it also advised the Carter Centre while it is always prepared to work with the Government of the day, “it fully supports an election petition to the courts by the PPP/C as it is an exercise of the constitutional rights of any group or individual to do so with the aim of furthering democracy in Guyana.”

The Carter Centre was commended for recognising that the IAC is the first cultural organization to set up a hotline for persons, especially those of Indo-Guyanese origin, who have been victimized, verbally threatened, physically abused and have suffered damaged to their private property in the aftermath of the elections.

‎The meeting also recognised the work that former USA President Jimmy Carter has been doing for over the past three decades.



  1. Persons need to read the articles in the Guyana Times and the Chronicle where the PPP commissioners raised their issues, then go read the response by Vincent Alexander on this site and others.

    The PPP is seriously misleading their supporters regarding what happened at the last general and regional elections. If the PPP supporters want to see rigging they need to go to the hinterland regions, where the PPP was using government funds to give them an advantage in the last elections. Go and interview persons in regions 7 and 8 and get some facts. Imagine setting up booths nearby polling stations to show persons how to vote by showing them where to put their X. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. What was so funny about the whole elections is despite all the PPP did, they still lost. I believe this is what is was so shocking to them.

    What is so hypocritical is that both in 2006 and 2011, Gocool Boodhoo ‘fixed’ the elections results in favor of the PPP, but only in 2011 was that ‘fixing’ corrected before the results declaration by GECOM.

    I feel pity for the supporters because what the PPP did was control the information available to these people, so they were not making informed decisions. This continued action could become out of hand and possibly have dangerous consequences.

    The IAC by their very name and mandate is to address issues considering Guyanese of East Indian descent. Given that, this latest action by them should not be criticized. They should however be kept in check because many of the members are politically aligned and their true interest may not be what is best of East Indian Guyanese and Guyana as a whole.

  2. The IAC seems not to trust its own existence,much less this NEW coalition government,It appears to be racist by design as its BOSS the PPP/C.This Coalition government is made up of mixed ethnicities,but being so much poisoned by Jagdeo and his racist comments,it seems to be like a puppet on a string.I believe,Guyanese must learn to settle their differences among themselves,not running to international bodies begging for assistance and,being embarrassed eventually.The IAC has no authority or the capacity whatsoever to lecture to this COALITION government.

  3. Massa is what got you out, i said it before, you confused, is your idols that bash the massa and they kick you fools OUT ,,,

  4. granger start bashing the colonial masters already..using the white elephant stadium for his get together..i hope massa keeping tabs on him..he bowed and loved massa when massa put his founding father daddy burnham in he saying something else about massa..

  5. the school children will get a hold of it all. It is time for a change from corrupt lying thieving racial party leaders. and that change has come in the form of the new government. I am just wondering where were all these groups that are calling for and talking about “Ethnic Relations” Where were they for the past 23 years?

  6. Did. President take into consideration the cost for renaming those ministry (signs “letterheads etc) the confusion it would cause to school children n the public at large n without consultation

  7. This is the best news since election day. God you know what’s best. Let there be a recount and let all responsible for the rigging that passed be put in jail. Seems like Danger really did clean up the cells for new inmates. Come on PPP give your supporters what they deserve. RECOUNT! RECOUNT! ! RECOUNT! ! !

  8. the funny part is where were all the people when this city was a garbage dump that they themselves help to make this shows total none co operation with the previous government can’t stand double standards u r right we are all GUYANESE this country don’t belong to 65 people in power it belongs to us so they are just undoing what they have done for 23 years so to speak .

  9. They dont get it, Guyana is For Guyanese NOT INDIANS,or NEGRO, we are ONE PEOPLE, the elections ate over and its time to live as ONE, so forget the IAC they should join the race CLEAN UP ,,get rid of the trash, we have NO place for RACE.


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