PPP concerned over missing Walter Rodney police files; says the Commission should summons Granger to testify

Chairman of the Commission Sir Richard Cheltenham (center) flanked by Jacqueline Samuels Brown (right) andS eenath Jairam. [iNews' Photo]

PPP web[www.inewsguyana.com]The People’s Progressive Party has issued a call for the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (COI) to summons Opposition Leader David Granger to address the COI concerning the assassination of Dr. Walter Rodney.

According to the Party, from all indications, Granger and the Peoples National Congress (PNC) which he heads must have a wealth of information that would be useful to the Commission’s work. 

“The PNC and Granger should not be ashamed that their past record will be revealed … the Party is reminded of Granger’s statement (while he had been campaigning for the leadership of the PNC that his membership in the PNC goes back to over forth years.) In this respect Granger would have much to contribute to the Commission of Inquiry (COI)” the statement by the PPP noted.

The PPP says it also views the disappearance of several vital police files covering the period leading up to Dr. Rodney assassination as an impediment to full disclosure on the Rodney murder.

The Party recalled a similar disappearance of copies of the Mirror newspapers published during that period.

The PPP said it is was also concerned  that the People’s National Congress, while stating that it will not participate in the inquiry, is now going to all lengths to discredit and disrupt the Commission from executing its constitutional mandate.

“The PNC continues to use their non-participation in drafting the Terms of Reference (TORs) as a red herring for their non-participation in the Commission of Inquiry.”

The PPP again called on all Guyanese to fully participate in the Inquiry and to join the family of the late Dr. Walter Rodney in bringing closure to this mater. 



  1. Would it not be appropriate to seek standing and comply with the Commission’s rules regarding summoning witnesses?


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