PPP Commissioners rap Chairman’s unilaterally foisted 8-month delay


People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Commissioners on GECOM have blasted the unilaterally appointed Chairman, Justice James Patterson for making a decision to have elections in November 2019, eight months after it is constitutionally due.

“There (are) attempts to delay the elections,” Robeson Benn said at a press conference yesterday.

Benn, along with fellow Commissioners Sase Gunraj and Bibi Shadick, rejected the position adopted by the Chairman, on the grounds that it ignores the constitutional provision of three months to hold elections.

Justice Patterson yesterday dispatched a letter to President David Granger informing him that elections cannot be held before late November 2019.

Benn lambasted for writing such a letter without discussing it with the Commission. As a consequence, he said GECOM is not functioning as it ought to, with the Chairman making decisions to the exclusion of the PPP Commissioners.

Further, he noted that despite GECOM starting its preparations and holding meetings right after the no-confidence vote, the secretariat mysteriously abandoned those preparations and subsequently frittered away the time.






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