Social Protection Ministry awaits report before acting on NOC breakout

New Opportunity Corp

– claims it’s clueless at this point

Investigations into the break out at the New Opportunity Corps, at Onderneeming Village, Region Two are still on-going and at this point the Ministry of Social Protection is still to determine what went wrong.

According to the Ministry, it is only when these investigations have concluded, then measures can be implemented to correct this situation as well as prevent a recurrence.

Inews was told that a report on the incident where the 24 juveniles escaped from the facility on Saturday, last, is expected to be completed by Friday and shortly after it will be presented to Social Protection Minister, Amna Ally, for guidance on the way forward.

Meanwhile, the police are still conducting their investigations into the matter as well.

The juvenile offenders made good their escape on Saturday around 19:30h after climbing down from the southern window in their dormitory. Some juvenile offenders then climbed over a fence and made a dash for freedom while another group used the Koker entrance which is currently dried as a result of the dry season. Of the 24 escapees, there were 17 males and seven females.

Although the facility is equipped with security officers, the teen offenders managed to outsmart them.

Police in ‘G’ Division (Essequibo Coast-Islands) have since managed to recapture 16 of the escapees with a few of them voluntarily returning to the facility. Several others are still on the run.


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