PPP accuses gov’t of attempting to muzzle Jagdeo

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo and other PPP MPs
Opposition Leader. Bharrat Jagdeo
Opposition Leader. Bharrat Jagdeo

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Opposition People’s Progressive Party is condemning “in the strongest possible terms, the well-orchestrated efforts by the APNU+AFC Coalition to muzzle the Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo and Opposition Members of Parliament’s fullest participation in the 2015 National Budget debate.”

A statement from the Party noted that despite attempts by the PPP Parliamentarians, they have been reduced to 15 minutes with no extension time in their budget presentation.

“The Government’s Chief Whip, is desirous of breaching entrenched parliamentary conventions and practices whereby the Leader of the Opposition closes the debate for the opposition benches, immediately before the member of the government closes the debate.”

According to the PPP, this convention was respected throughout the 23 years of the PPP/C Administration, whereby successive Leaders of the Opposition, Mr. Desmond Hoyte, Mr. Robert Corbin and Mr. David Granger always spoke immediately before the Government Minister who closed the annual Budget Debate and where neither person was constrained by time limits.

“In fact, in the 11th Parliament, with a one-seat majority, they want to place the Leader of the Opposition to speak before four government speakers and not as the penultimate speaker, with a restriction of 45 minutes.”

According to the statement, “the PPP calls on Guyanese to take note of the government’s efforts to use these restrictions to prevent our MPs from exposing their uninspiring, recycled and underwhelming 2015 National Budget.”



  1. Gary..you negelected to mention the PNC Regime that terrorized Guyana for 35 years, looted the treasury and used RAPE as a political weapon.

    The PNC had a TERROR wing known as the “House of Israel ” that murdered a Catholic Priest.

  2. Only in Guyana a Party can change the constitution to a President running only 2 terms in office, because they said what the prior govt had was unconstitional, executive president being president for life. Then that same govt when in opposition takes the constitution to court that they created and get is thrown out as unconstitutional so that an ex president and be in the opposition and in the future possibly be president again.. only in Guyana.

  3. Rasscloth is scary looking.They don,t have enough brain to comprehend an intelligent speech.Bharat will put them to shame.

  4. Veronika barbieri that is no so. As it stands 49% of the electorate wants to hear him speak. Go back to the drawing board before your fingers gets talking. Just don’t blog without thinking.

  5. We all know who instigated the violence in Sophia.Few know who brought it under control and who ensured there was no further violence, although the PooPyParty really tried every thing they could to create violence, as it was the only thing that they thought would save their goverment.
    Our new President and mrmbers of his government were in the field, putting themselves in harms way, to cool tempers and restrain those that needed restraing. Not the Police, not the Army, but the Coallition polticians. .Where was the past President and his government ministers, hiding in Freedom House or fortress like homes under heavy protection, praying or begging (as most are atheist) that violence acurred.They did not care that with violence and arson, many lives would be lost and many people would recieve serious injuries.They did not give any consideration that,the lives of entire families wouldbe destroyed and huge losses would be incurred.
    No they just wanted to stay on as the rulers of all in the pauper nation they created.

  6. Yes after a minimum of three terms in power.You see not 23 years as power tends to corrupt , as we have seen from the PooPyParty regime in power, with KING Jagdegone and his Cabal, ruling.
    Their nature is decent, educated and honest.They govern for all Guyanese, not just the few in a Cabal.

  7. People of glass houses should not throw stones! This government is a decent and educated government.The only way any observers will pay any interest, is if this government goes down into the gutter, where the PooPyParty ruled, not governed, Guyana from and where they remain to date.

  8. His name is Ratsass, and jail without fail is his future. He should never drink and talk! Maybe Assberi, is a better name?

  9. Ģood on you Imran.But Roti Will destroy the
    fabrication of an educated and literate PPP leadership.It is people like you , the young ones that are needed to help reform the political climate in Guyana.You young people are the next generation of leaders and should ensure politicians of all parties, leave you a heritage of a prosperous and orderly, Guyana,without ethnic divisions. Like the three Musketeers — “One for all and all for one”.

  10. Wow Omar, I love it that was my line..they are like cry babies they just find anything to pick at.. those bitches are just where they belong. The Pee Pee Pee punish the poor Guyanese people for 23 years, now all they want to do is bitch. Too bad!!

  11. Shut up bobby the thieving , crooked and murderers had 23 years enough is enough. Stop your wishful thinking you are a loser soupie….boo hoo…. boo hoo get over it. And enjoy a country with order and transparency. O stop yelling that is rude but you would not know that with your PEA BRAIN!!

  12. let the apnu/afc try to stop any of the ppp/c members from talking the ppp/c will not enter parliament and that will leave them where they were nothing will be pass they need the ppp/c and if they going to violate the ppp/c think again the international communities are looking on as to how they conduct themselves as the current government of Guyana

  13. Time ran out for you and the criminals,its your own that did not thief like the 3% friends and family of Barrat that got FED UP and kick the PPP out,the crooks are all in the news everyday Jenny,Ashni,Barrat,and the students of Barrat all getting JAIL in NY,The COCAINE crooks ,,,just look at the names,all your kind,,You ppl too dam selfish

  14. The biggest crooks can be found in the PNC masquerading as APNU. The PNC believe in bullyism and engage in the worst type of banditry. What were Granger and Harmon doing at Sophia when the houses and vehicles of PPPC supporters were being burned? They were the intellectual authors of the entire episode.They call themselves Christians but practise anarchy whenever they cannot get their own way. Time is longer than twine and the very people who now support their undemocratic actions will turn against them


  16. The APNU are folding up because the PPP now took Parliament. Their education level are being exposed to the fullest showing that the APNU consists of ALL un-educated people who cannot conduct themselves with proper ethic to be serving Guyana as ministers. Ramjattan is a typical example – Did anyone notice how foolish he is being? His English is so poor even sending him back to kindergarten will not help him. Both side on the table need to show respect to one another, listen and learn from each other -if APNU represent 51%, PPP still represent the other 49% – So instead of playing the blaming game (which is all you see in the media about the APNU) – start thinking of ways to develop the country, improve the dollar value and create jobs while reducing crimes…because the people in north america who put you into power is strongly watching all their actions….deliver what you promised before elections or you will be history in the coming one.

  17. That canine needs to muzzled and put in cage…a special cage reserved for him at the Camp St. jail…only a matter of time. No AC in that cage Bar-Rat like you have for you dog and cat.

  18. This crook should not even be there and should be thankful for what was granted. What is he going to do_ use the additional time to cuss?

  19. The PPP is like the man who beat his wife daily for 23 years and now she’s left him he’s all pious. Hypocrites!


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