No new GPL CEO as yet; Board to run company

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson

By Jomo Paul

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson
Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson

[] – Days after the government of Guyana terminated the services of Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Chief Executive Officer, Bharat Dindyal, a replacement or interim CEO is still to be named.

Public Infrastructure Minister, David Patterson told iNews during an interview on Tuesday, August 18 that the Board of Directors will manage the affairs of the Company in the absence of a functioning CEO.

GPL has two Deputy CEO’s – Colin Welch and Deonarine Aershwar – and when asked whether any of these two were being considered, Patterson told iNews that no deliberations were made on the matter.

The government had defended the dismissal of the CEO, noting that his substantive contract came to an end on December 31, 2014 and that it was not renewed.

Former CEO of GPL, Bharrat Dindyal
Former CEO of GPL, Bharrat Dindyal

“Mr. Dindyal continued to serve as GPL CEO based on what was described as “an understanding” between himself and the previous subject minister, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds. No written documentation has been provided with regard to this “understanding,” a government release noted.

While this is so, political commentator, Ralph Ramkarran believes that the CEO’s dismissal was due to some political interference.

“He has stood up and resisted in times past in different circumstances – this political culture in much of the Third World that infects our political system as well, embraces the type of gross political interference and insubordination which Dindyal perceived and which he protested. Political interference crushes all those in its path who attempt to resist. There were many from recent PPP governments. Dindyal is the first known victim since the elections and will not be the last unless the Government breaks with this culture,” said Ramkarran, a Former Speaker of the House.



  1. WOW! I remember this arrangement under the PNC(R) dictatorship. They brought in that barge and immediately it began to malfunction. Infact it never did function as it was intended. Blackouts were baptised and renamed load shedding and implemented across the country. Thank you SW for bringing that back to attention.

  2. I think Elwyn Marshall should be named, even if temporarily. I may be corrected, but I think Elwyn has a first degree (over 39 years) in Electrical Engineering from UWI and an MBA from Northwestern in Chicago.


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