Political Opposition reacts with shock at Prorogation of Parliament

Opposition Leader, David Granger joins protesters outside of Parliament. [iNews' Photo]


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Opposition Leader, David Granger joins protesters outside of Parliament. [iNews' Photo]
Opposition Leader, David Granger joins protesters outside of Parliament. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Opposition Leader David Granger says that President Donald Ramotar should step down as Head of State following his [Ramotar] decision to prorogue Parliament.

In addressing protesters outside Parliament building today, Monday November 10, Granger said that President Ramotar has betrayed the Guyanese people.

Granger accused the President of being anti-democratic and that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) administration ran scared of the No Confidence Motion, since they have significantly lost their support base.

It is this reason why a definite date still remains to be set for Local Government Elections, he stressed.

He assured his supporters that his Partnership will do all it can to ensure that democracy is not further eroded. Granger also reaffirmed his position not to hold talks with the President over his decision to prorogue.

The APNU Leader also promised his supporters to update them later on the way forward in this matter and reminded them to join him on Friday at the square at the revolution to protest against the PPP’s dictatorship approach to situation.

Meanwhile, AFC Executive, Moses Nagamootoo said the President is “holding a dagger at the back of the Parliament” since it wants to control all arms of Government.

AFC's Moses Nagamootoo addresses the protesters. [iNews' Photo]
AFC’s Moses Nagamootoo addresses the protesters. [iNews’ Photo]
He added that the President’s decision to prorogue Parliament speaks loudly of his action, since he does not want the democratic process to work and has totally disregarded the majority.

Nagamootoo emphasized that it is now up to the people to decide which direction they want to take Guyana in and not allow the PPP to continue to dictate their destiny.



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  2. Granger, O granger look what the AFC has done to you. the AFC use their scissors to cut all the wings of PNC members two budget in a row. then the AFC take them to linden and leave them without pants. NOW the AFC left them naked outside of parliament building like thirteen months old baby crying. Hear them cry, watch them cry, They are crying!!!!

  3. I think Mr. Granger should listen to what his other peers are writing about him, and just dissappear for they are far more educated than him and he should take the advise and get out of this country for the advise was ” Mr. Granger what have you done for this country’s progress – answer “nothing” just cause problems and fill people head with crap and help the thieves robb innocent guyanese. Mr. Granger should go to Hell and leave the PPP alone for he cant even do quarter of what the PPP admin has done for our country. He is a total uneducated asshole.


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