Police investigating shooting incidents at Guyhoc, Albouystown


See full statements from the Guyana Police Force:

*Police investigating alleged shooting incident at Guyhoc*

Police are investigating an alleged shooting incident committed on Aydil Francis, an 18-year-old Construction Worker from South Sophia, which occurred at about 20:30 hrs last night (Tuesday) at Guyhoc, Georgetown. The suspect, called ‘Preggo’ (only name available), is said to be from Plum Park, Sophia.

Information received from the victim is that he and the suspect have known each other for several years, but they are not friends.

On Phagwah Day, they both engaged in a heated argument that stemmed from a misunderstanding between the duo. At about 20:30 hrs yesterday, the victim claimed that he was sitting at a shop next to the ‘black and white’ bridge in Guyhoc when he was approached by the suspect, who was riding a motorcycle at the time.

The suspect whipped out a handgun from the waist of his pants and fired a single shot in the victim’s direction, which hit the victim in his lower left foot. The suspect then rode off on his motorcycle and made good his escape. The victim was rushed to the GPHC by public-spirited citizens, where he is a patient undergoing treatment for a gunshot injury. His condition is listed as stable.

Investigations are ongoing.

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*Alleged shooting incident in Albouystown*

Police are investigating an alleged shooting incident committed on Rafael Hintzen, a 32-year-old Taxi Driver of East La Penitence, Georgetown, which occurred at about 00:10 hours this morning (Wednesday) in Campbell Street, Albouystown, Georgetown.

Investigations revealed that the victim and one of the suspects are known to each other because they both share a relationship with two sisters who reside in Campbell Street, Albouystown.

Information received from the 41-year-old mother-in-law of both the suspect and victim is that on Phagwah Day, her nephew sprayed water from a ‘water gun’ on one of the suspect’s friends, to which he (the suspect) was annoyed.

Subsequently, she and the suspect (son-in-law) were engaged in a heated argument when he threatened to ‘kill’ her.

At about 00:10 hrs this morning, the victim (Hintzen) was in his car that was parked in front of their home in Campbell Street, Albouystown, and his mother-in-law was inside the yard sitting on a chair when the suspect and three other men (all of whom were armed with handguns) came out from an alleyway opposite the yard and started to discharge several rounds in the victim and his mother-in-law’s direction.

The victim exited his car and ran into the yard where his mother-in-law, realizing he was shot in the foot, tried to pull him up the step to get him into the house.

In the process of doing so, the woman said that she saw the suspect (her son-in-law) and his accomplices running through the front gate in her direction, firing several rounds at her. Anastacia claimed that she immediately left the victim at the bottom of the stairway, ran upstairs, and closed the door.

The woman told Police that the suspect and his accomplices did not further injure the victim when they caught up with him since she assumed that she was the intended target.

The suspects then ran back to a waiting car allegedly driven by someone on Campbell Street and made good their escape.

The victim (Hintzen) was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation by a relative, where he was seen by a doctor, examined, admitted, and is receiving medical treatment. His condition is stable.

Detectives recovered several spent shells and warheads at the scene. Several persons were questioned, and useful information was obtained. Police are looking for the suspects as investigations continue.