Police investigating death of 26-yr-old Corentyne man


* battered body found on road

Police are investigating the circumstances which led to the death of a 26-year-old carpenter of Number 70 Village, Corentyne, whose body was discovered lying on the road with marks of violence.
The dead man has been identified as Fayez Narinedat, of Number 70 Village. His body was discovered at about 03:45hrs at a scene which appeared to be that of a hit-and-run accident.

Fayez Narinedat was found lying shirtless on the road
Fayez Narinedat was found lying shirtless on the road

Police Divisional Commander, Kevin Adonis, said the matter is being considered a homicide, and the Police have launched an investigation.
According to a report in today’s Guyana Times, a relative of the deceased claimed that there is evidence to indicate that the body was placed on the road.
One street away, a muddy shirt which is said to be that of the deceased was seen on the road, while what appeared to be broken sticks were seen nearby.
Reports are that Narinedat was at a party hosted by an overseas-based Guyanese when a fight broke out, which reportedly led to his death.
The dead man’s uncle, Chandra Datt, said he was told that Narinedat reportedly left the party when he was attacked. There also appeared to be evidence of an encounter in a vacant plot of land a few lots away; broken sticks were seen and a section of the fence broken, suggesting that persons used that part to get out of the yard. More sticks and broken picket staves were seen on the street in front of the vacant lot.
According to Datt, evidence points to the fact that Narinedat was killed in the street and placed on the road. There was also a laceration to the back of his head.
Residents in the area voiced their concerns whether the matter will be investigated properly, pointing to evidence which investigators left at the crime scene. Asked to comment on this, Divisional Commander Adonis said every straw will be unearthed and ordered that investigators revisit the scene.
Narinedat was an only child. His mother explained that her son left home at about 11:00hrs on Monday and returned during the evening but did not enter the house. She said he was heard on his cellular phone but it is not known who he was talking to.
The woman said her son may have been under the influence of alcohol and as a result, did not want to enter the house, thus choosing to go out again.
Narinedat leaves to mourn his mother, father, wife, two children and a grandmother.


  1. I don’t believe this is a hit and run, its more of a homicide because it stated that the victim was beaten with a picket which could cause serious injuries. It also shown in the picture at the scene of the incident that there are two places where he bled on the road that really doesn’t seem too right. It would be great if they re-investigate this incident because there were names on a bag that was placed at the bus shed who might be involved in this incident but no police ever question the people whose name that was on the bag and I believe they rush this investigation. Also there’s a very suspicious person on Facebook with a fake name and picture that always comment on the posts of Faiyaz about the time that the incident took place because they seem to know much about this incident that had happened to Faiyaz. The police should really take their time and re-investigated this incident because there are many people that would like this to happen and also there are many that believe it’s a homicide rather than a hit and run. .

  2. This murder took place at 70 Village Back street at a party hosted by (Billionaire) Marcus Brian Bisram. 6 men were ordered by Bisram to finish off Fayaz because he was obstructing the party. Bisram told his gang to finish him of and let it look like an accident and told them not to worry because he controls the Police from Skeldon to Georgetown. The police that were at the party were well paid to cooperate. Hope the Media get their news right. reporters ! do your job! and be just!


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