Police investigating death of 2-month-old baby at Agatash


See full statement from the Guyana Police Force (GPF):

Police investigating death of two-month-old baby at Agatash

Police are investigating the death of a two-month-old infant, Allison Ram, from Agatash Village in Region #7.

Enquiries disclosed that around 14:30 hrs yesterday (Wednesday), the infant’s 17-year-old mother left her child (Allison) lying in a chair wrapped in a sheet and went to use the washroom about 20 meters away.

Upon her return about 10 minutes later, she checked on the child and noticed her body motionless in the chair. She then took the child to the Agatash Health Center, where a Medic on duty saw and examined the baby. The medic then referred the infant to the Bartica Regional Hospital, where the two-month-old baby was further seen by a Doctor on duty who examined the child and pronounced her dead on arrival.

The body of the infant was checked, and no marks of violence were seen. The body is at Bartica Hospital Mortuary awaiting a post-mortem examination.