Police, GDF Ranks’ involvement in criminal acts is a serious development – Crime Chief



By Leroy Smith

Kevin David and Trillion Munroe at the back of a police vehicle following the robbery and subsequent accident. [Guyana Chronicle Photo]
Kevin David and Trillion Munroe at the back of a police vehicle following the robbery and subsequent accident. [Guyana Chronicle Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Crime Chief Leslie James says it is of significant concern to his organization when its ranks are fingered in criminal acts and the same goes for the Guyana Defense Force.

James told iNews that it becomes even more serious since the uniform of the Security Forces signifies that they are part of an organization which is responsible for fighting crime.

On Tuesday, a soldier, identified as Kevin David, 26, who has been absent without leave, was arrested by the police and is now hospitalized after he and another bandit robbed a woman at gunpoint of several hundred thousand dollars in cash at La Bonne Intention, East Coast Demerara.

The accomplice, Trillion Munroe died while receiving medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital while David, who was stationed at the Coast Guard Unit of the GDF is under police guard.

The two were chased and hit off the motorcycle they were riding by relatives of their victim as they attempted to flee the robbery scene, discharging several shots in the process.

According to the Crime Chief, if the Guyana Police Force finds that there is a pattern where ranks from the GDF are involved in criminal acts, then the GDF will be informed of such.

He further explained that the GDF will then conduct its own internal arrangements to track its ranks especially those who are absent without leave.


  1. The bank tellers have nothing to do with the RUA committed on any person that leaves any city bank,the guys wait out side and watch every person that enter the bank, as soon as you exit with a bag that looked empty but you came out looking full, you are followed, another way is they have women dressed very nice acting as if they are doing a transaction in the bank, they stand in line or wait by the counter as if they are filling the deposit forms eg,those persons watch you as you are at the teller and tip the guys out side who has what and an estimate amount, this is nothing new to the police, as long you stop and come out without the bag you are gone ,,,so the bank ppl have nothing to do with crime ,,,and its a fact

  2. just returned from Guyana.
    The police patrol in pickups.
    About six in the back.
    They quickly swarm a driver.
    In conversation with the driver about two thousand is handed over to the big ‘police’ guy just inside the window but down from sight. This money will be shared by the entire crew.
    The bribers are the rich and most times maybe drunk or DIU.
    This lawlessness is encouraged by both sides of the fence.
    But, the state loses on these revenues.

  3. whats new? they join police and army to get a badge weapon training and uniform. with that comes tremendous power over all others..
    they are parasites and all must be taken out of society..
    its like impossible to know the criminals that working in the banks to tip off these scums..


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