Will the President pull the plug on dialogue? Official invitation sent to Opposition for ‘talks’

President Donald Ramotar.


By Fareeza Haniff

Cabinet Secretary. Dr. Roger Luncheon.
Cabinet Secretary. Dr. Roger Luncheon.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Despite the Opposition Parties affirming that it will not engage the Donald Ramotar administration in dialogue outside of Parliament, the Office of the President has sent an official invitation to the Opposition for ‘talks.’

Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon told reporters at his post cabinet media briefing today, Wednesday, November 19, that the invite was dispatched sometime yesterday and the government is eagerly awaiting a response.

Cabinet is still hopeful that the Opposition Parties, led by David Granger, will change its mind. He said that Cabinet examined the option of “pulling the plug”; meaning that the President can dissolve the Parliament and call general and regional elections.

However, this will be the last resort. President Ramotar in his address to the nation on November 10 said if dialogue with the Opposition fails, then he will set a date for the elections, a position which Dr Luncheon reaffirmed today.

The President decided to prorogue the 10th Parliament in order to stave off the No Confidence Motion brought against his administration by the Alliance For Change.

The passage of the motion in the Opposition controlled House would have resulted in the government resigning and the President calling general elections.

His decision was met with rejection by the combined Opposition, who described him as a dictator. Meanwhile, the President has not given a specific time frame as to when he will give up on trying to convince the Opposition to agree to dialogue.

The prorogation period can last up to six months.


  1. PNC and their supporters would tell you these are lies and all made up by PPP supporters..They are that IGNORANT AND MOST BAREFACED..

  2. TIMELINE -was and is.
    we are here!


    October – Britain suspends Guyana’s constitution, sends in troops and installs an interim administration after democratic elections for parliament produces a result not to its liking – a victory for the left-wing Indo-Guyanese People’s Progressive Party (PPP). [1] [2]

    An interim government is installed which tries, unsuccessfully to break up the PPP. [5]


    Britain restores the Guyanese constitution, under which a largely elected Legislative Council governs, but ultimate control is retained by the British Governor. PPP splits along racial lines, with Cheddi Jagan leading a mostly Indian party and Forbes Burnham leading a party of African descendants, the People’s National Congress (PNC). Despite manipulation of constituency boundaries by the interim government, Jagan’s PPP wins 9 of the 14 Council seats. [2] [5]


    The USA seeks to undermine the PPP government by supporting chosen opposition parties and union organisations. This is funded by US business men and the CIA. [5] [6]

  3. give the combined opposition 72 hours to respond.
    then do what you legally have to do since the country can not function as is..
    the combined opposition want to stand their ground then government must equally stand their ground too.
    then let the people again decide whom they want to govern them.


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