Police Force sensitised on Disability Act

Executive Secretary of the National Commission on Disability Ms. Beverly Pile addresses the Sensitisation Seminar on the Disability Act 2010
Executive Secretary of the National Commission on Disability Ms. Beverly Pile addresses the Sensitisation Seminar on the Disability Act 2010

A Sensitisation Seminar on the Disability Act 2010 organised by the Guyana Road Safety Association in collaboration with the National Commission on Disability (NCD) was held in the compound of the Police Officers’ Mess, Eve Leary yesterday.

The event was aimed at sensitising the Guyana Police Force (GPF) members and the National Road Safety Associations on the Persons with Disabilities Act 2010 with a view towards assisting them to fulfill their obligations regarding it.

Addressing the participants at the opening of the event, Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee focused on the obligations of the Ministry of Home Affairs and the GPF.

He emphasised that the Ministry of Home Affairs considers persons with disabilities as being just as deserving as all others in receiving the various Government services, including those provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs, and its constituent agencies.

The Minister pointed out that today’s seminar was a result of a meeting in August, between himself and representatives of the Guyana Association of the Visually Impaired, which focused on matters of concern to the Association.

He noted that the August meeting was followed up by an engagement with the NCD, as the national oversight body for disability issues, for further discussions.

Minister Rohee gave the assurance to the Commission and all persons with disabilities that, “the Ministry of Home Affairs will not shirk its responsibility to you, as provided for by law.  We are eager to work with you in bringing the provisions of the Act to fruition, in the shortest possible time.”

Executive Secretary of the NCD Ms. Beverly Pile in her presentation to the seminar said the NCD recognises that there are persons with disabilities in society who have to be catered for.

“We try to ensure that the rights between persons with disabilities and others are no different. The commission’s main goal therefore is to negotiate with all policy makers, programme planners in the various entities, whether public or private and even civil society.

To make sure that when they have made up their programme, in it there is inclusion of persons with disabilities. We make sure we go into all entities that are absolutely necessary, which is why we are here this morning,” she stated.

Ms. Pile further explained the need to sensitise the entire public on issues in the Disability Act. She pointed out that the Act speaks to several rights of persons with disabilities. These include their rights in education, health, political, recreational and independent living.

“The role of the commission is to ensure that in every aspect of the life of every different agency, institution, ministry, etc, they make sure that they cater for persons with disabilities,” Ms. Pile emphasised.