Police Force receives training through U.S. Caribbean Basin Security Initiative

Department of Justice Instructor Presents Information to GPF Participants
Department of Justice Instructor Presents Information to GPF Participants
Department of Justice Instructor Presents Information to GPF Participants

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The U.S. Department of Justice and the Guyana Ministry of Public Security are working together to provide training to the Guyana Police Force Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) under the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) Police Integrity Program.

A press release from the US Embassy noted that this joint project is designed to strengthen OPR initiatives in CBSI police agencies including Dominica, St. Lucia, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Barbados.

Through the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program (ICITAP), former police officers with more than 120 years of collective experience are working with foreign governments, including Guyana, to develop professional and transparent law enforcement institutions that protect human rights, combat corruption, and reduce the threat of transnational crime and terrorism.

“In this intensive program that spans from August 17-September 3, U.S. officers are providing practical capacity building training in two primary areas: Internal Affairs and Audits/Inspections. Since April 2013, the Bureau of International Narcotics & Law Enforcement (INL) has deployed DOJ-ICITAP to implement the INL-funded “CBSI Workplan,” a three-year police development program supporting the Regional Security System (RSS) and its seven member states of the Eastern Caribbean. The OPR project falls within this work plan,” the release noted.

ICITAP provides international development assistance that supports both national security and foreign policy objectives. Toward this goal, the CBSI Police Integrity Program provides assistance in the development of requisite skills to staff and deploy personnel to competently investigate, analyze and report on individual and organizational performance as measured against professional standards. Program actions to be taken include identifying willing development partners, tailoring the program model to address country-specific requirements, building of capacity for appropriate police staff and sustaining of program inertia via direct consultation to operationalize the new capacities.




  1. Hey man sending police to train all over the world is just wasting time because they came back home with the came back home with less what the learn overseas. Believe the police doing their job but the judges, magistrate and the lawyers defending the criminal . Many times the criminal being released because the police made-up wrong jacket or err tamper with evidence if the dpp reviewing the case before it goes to trial how come it lack of evidence and witness jacket made out wrong ets. In the court the lawyer used that as defence case throw out of the court criminal walk free
    It’s a deliberate act because the all pay off and the police looks like fool . Besides the present ministers who represents those criminal before scared to go against the the criminal so they still friends with them and cover up to show they fighting crime

  2. Who built a private hanger for the pilot and owner of an aircraft before the new government took office . What was being brought into the country and under whose administration? The pilot is now arrested in USA, the truth will come out. Who brought in the guns and drugs? The pilot will let the USA know just like Roger Khan.

  3. Training or no training, an attitude adjustment wihin the ranks will be key to remedying the culture of corruption that is entrenched in the GPF. The government has its job cut out, attempting to weed out the rogue police officers.

    How many licenced gun holders have committed crimes against the citizenry? Are you suggesting that the legal firearm holders are committing the robberies and murders? Are you suggesting that these legal gun owners are renting out their guns for a cut in the loot?
    The talk in the diaspora is that APNU armed the goons just in case the election went the ”other way” to create mayhem in the streets, hence Ramjhaat earlier suggestion of a gun amnesty. He seems to know in whose hands the guns are.

  5. Help is good .But it is prudent to examine the cultural pattern of crime fighting in the “Helper’s ” country. The practical issue of crime reduction in Guyana must be based on eliminating “GUNS” . The Gov’t has the capacity to deal with this run-away-gun crime but it seems hog-tied. It is a know fact that there too much illegal guns and “legal ” guns in the hands of those who are not qualified to hold a license. Arming every citizen cannot be the solution to the run-away -gun crime .Common sense dictates an approach of eliminating all unnecessary guns…….1. REVIEW ALL GUN LICENSE ISSUED OVER THE LAST TWENTY YEARS. 2. START A REAL AMNESTY PROGRAMME WITH CASH INSENTIVE .3 ENACT LAWS MAKING THE POSESSION OF A GUN ,A COMPONENT OF A GUN , A BULLET ,A SHELL/CAP A NO BAIL OFFENSE wih a minimum of ten years jail plus a cash fine if found guilty…….Why and what the Gov’t is waiting for ,only The Almighty knows .Maybe until all criminals and potential criminals are fully armed ! Is there a political myth saying ” We are doing the best we can ” ?

  6. The GPF needs to be revamped. Needs a name change: Guyana Police Department. Needs to set high standards for entry: 5 CXC. Needs to be balanced: fire all the square pegs and recruit Indo Guyanese for balance. Needs training in key areas: domestic violence and bylaws enforcement. Needs a highly professional and trained quick response team. Etc.

  7. GY is in dire need of a “Shame and Name” project to be undertaken by the media, private citizens, or any other interested party. Use of social media, etc to expose such acts on a daily basis will definitely put pressure on the gov’t to act and prosecute these greedy bastards. The same goes for all those working in gov’t agencies who will not do thier jobs unless a bribe is offered to them for basic services.

  8. The police force is full of square pegs who joined only to have a job for life and in the process accept a few bribes here and there. That is only those who have some conscience. Some got in as a cover to rob businesses and ”push” narcotics in order to fulfill their get rich quick ambitions. These are the ROGUE cops commonly referred to. Then there are those who demand bribes at road corners from motorists. The bribes they collect in one day could probably be a week’s wages for the ordinary working person.
    Who and what are the criteria to be used to select the cops for this special training? Obviously it can’t be the entire force but a selected few. How fair would the selection process be? Simple questions and worthwhile thinking about.


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