Police destroy marijuana farm at Wisroc, Linden


As police continue their drug eradication exercise, ranks of ‘E’ Division (Linden- Kwakwani) have destroyed more than 500 marijuana plants aback Wisroc, Linden on Saturday afternoon.

Some of the marijuana plants found in the nursery

Based on reports received, a team of police ranks attached to the Mackenzie Police Station conducted a five hours operation in the Wisroc, Wismar, Linden area about a mile and a half from the Wisroc/Rockstone Trail.

During the exercise, the ranks discovered a five-acre farm with approximately 500 cannabis plants ranging from four inches to one foot in height. In addition, they also found a nursery with about 1,500 seedlings.

Two camps were also found with a small amount of dried cannabis along with improvised smoking utensils, a quantity of male clothing, cooking utensils and farming tools.

The marijuana plants and camps were destroyed. No arrests were made as police continue their investigations.



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