Fishermen resume operations after deadly pirate attacks

One of the four fishing boats that was sunk during the first attack

More than two weeks after the deadly pirate attacks in Surinamese water, fishing vessels  have resumed their operations Saturday afternoon.

Fishermen prepare to head out at sea (file photo)

Fishermen and fishing boat owners suspended their operations in light of the attacks which have left 11 still missing and four dead. Five men survived the attacks which were executed in the Wia Wia Bank area. In the first incident, four boats were attacked but mere days after; another boat suffered the same fate.

However, the green light was given for the trade to recommence as from Saturday. The high seas fishing trade in Suriname is carried out by Guyanese natives who operate out of Paramaribo.

They have been promised protection by the Suriname coast guard as well as the Guyanese lawmen.

At noon on Saturday, several fishing boats left Port Paramaribo on the first fishing expedition since the deadly attack.

On Thursday last, the decomposed body of Gavin Outar was discovered at the Number 63 Beach, Corentyne. Outar was one of the fishermen killed during the recent pirate.

Dead: Gavin Outar

Outar was reportedly working on the MV ‘Shifanie’ which is the same boat on which one of the four survivors, Sherwin Lovell worked. Danesh Persaud also called ‘Vicky’; the captain of the boat was the first to be discovered on the Wai Wai Bank.

Outar is expected to be laid to rest today at the Stanleytown cemetery.(Andrew Carmichael)




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