Police Complaints Authority building broken into, robbed

The building houses the

The Police Complaints Authority located at Lot 59 Brickdam, Stabroek, Georgetown was discovered ransacked with valuable items missing on Friday morning.

The three storey building houses different Authorities

According to information received, at around 08:30hrs this morning, the office assistant attached to the authority made the discovery. It was reported that entry and exit was gained through the western window on lower flat.

Thus far, police have confirmed that one laptop, two mobile phones [property of the Complaints Authority] along with another laptop and one router [property of the Public Service Appellate Tribunal] were stolen.

Enquiries disclosed that the building is a three storey wooden and concrete structure. The lower flat houses the Police Complaints Authority, while the second floor holds the Public Service Appellate Tribunal and the third the office of the Ombudsman.

INews was told that the building has one access door which is located to the southern side and it is secured by Yale padlocks, externally.

The building also has an inner stairway, which leads to the various offices and is surrounded by several glass windows, which are secured by built in locks and metal grills externally.

This online publication was informed that on Thursday night, the entity was secured at about 17:30hrs.

Police are presently reviewing CCTV footage of the scene, while finger prints have also been lifted.



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