Lack of border security beyond immigration points being addressed- Harmon


State Minister Joseph Harmon is calling on citizens to utilise the key immigration points at the borders with Guyana’s three neighbours, Venezuela, Suriname, and Brazil.

Responding to a question posed by the media today, during the Post Cabinet press briefing, in relation to the protection of Guyana’s territory, the Minister assured that the Guyana Police and Defence Forces have a heavy presence at these key immigration points.

Minister of State Joseph Harmon

Acknowledging that Guyana’s borders are expansive, Harmon said there is a lot of traffic, particularly between Guyana and Venezuela and Brazil, but these activities are engaging the attention of the National Security Committee that meets weekly under the chairmanship of President David Granger.

Reminding of an earlier promise by the Government, the State Minister noted that, “we are going to increase the capabilities of our security forces to do active surveillance of our borders and to be able to determine activities which take place there in a faster time”.

There are several roads that lead to the borders, but because of the vastness of these areas, incidences may occur before the security officials can take steps to prevent any violation to the country’s territorial integrity, the Minister pointed out.

“I want to give the nation the assurance that at the level of the Government, at the level of the security forces we have taken some very decisive steps.”

Minister Harmon reiterated that Government has taken note of the movement of personnel across the borders. Some of the strategies that will be employed were also addressed during the GDF Officers’ Conference.

Only a few weeks ago, a report was made to the Natural Resources Ministry that a new road was being constructed leading to the Venezuelan border. The security forces were alerted and are handling the situation.

There have also been reports by miners that they are being harassed by Venezuelans and a video capturing a Guyanese being beheaded, which was condemned by Natural Resources Minister Raphael Trotman.

The Natural Resources Minister has also assured that these matters are being taken seriously and are being addressed by the joint security forces.

Venezuela is currently experiencing the worst economic crisis and as tensions rise, there has been an increase in reports of violence at border locations with Guyana, but Government is assuring that our borders are being closely monitored.


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