Police arrest 3 after raid unearths high-powered firearms, matching ammo


A Police raid on Sunday evening resulted in the arrest of three males after investigators unearthed two high-powered firearms along with matching ammunition at a John Street, Campbellville, house.

The operation was led by Deputy Commander of A Division (Georgetown), Calvin Brutus, and commenced sometime around 18:00h. The search, however, lasted for about two hours during which one AK-47 assault rifle and a 9mm pistol along with matching ammunition for both weapons were discovered.

The Police also found two heavily tinted vehicles at the property. These along with the weapons were confiscated.

According to information reaching this publication, the owner of the house resides overseas and left the property in the hands of a real estate firm, which rented it to a couple. However, this newspaper understands that the couple were rarely seen at the house; instead, various suspicious characters were seen coming and going from the property.

This prompted residents in the area to alert the Guyana Police Force, which carried out the successful operation on Sunday evening. The investigating team took the Force’s ‘sniffer dog’ to aid in its operation.

It was also reported to that the three suspects taken into custody are known characters to the police. In fact, they had previous brushes with law for serious matters.

Meanwhile, the guns are to be sent for ballistic tests to determine whether they were used in the commission of any crimes.



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