Drama in Tucville as horse thief evades arrest


A horse thief managed to evade arrest after Police gave chase in Tucville, Greater Georgetown, with a horse he had stolen some two weeks ago from a Better Hope, East Coast Demerara man.
According to a friend of the horse’s owner, he was in the Tucville area around 11:30hrs yesterday when he saw a man riding the stolen horse.
He immediately alerted a Police mobile patrol passing at the same time.
However, when the suspect observed the Police, he attempted to escape with the horse, colliding with a pedestrian and cyclists in the process.
This collision resulted in an elderly man suffering injuries to his head and damage to the rear wheel of the cycle.

The friend of the horse’s owner taking the animal to the Police Station (Carl Croker photos)

The man then dismounted the horse and made good his escape by scaling a nearby fence, and plunging into a canal.
The Police were forced to abandon the chase as they transported the injured pedestrian to a medical facility.

Public-spirited citizens assisting the injured pedestrian to the waiting Police patrol vehicle

The owner of the horse, Rohan (only name given) of Better Hope, made a report to the Sparendaam Police Station about two weeks ago.  It is alleged that the perpetrator is a known felon called “Gunzie”, who was wanted for other criminal activity.
The horse was taken to the East La Penitence Police Station.


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