PNCR spurns WikiLeaks cable that branded President Granger “racist”

President David Granger arrives at a PNCR Congress. [iNews' Photo]


President David Granger arrives at a PNCR Congress. [iNews' Photo]
President David Granger arrives at a PNCR Congress. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) is upset with the recent publishing of a WikiLeaks cable between the US Embassy and Washington that labels President David Granger a racist.

The 30-year-old cable which surfaced on the Wikileaks website assess Granger while he was a Major in the Guyana Defence Force and suggests that the President had racial inclinations.

The PNCR, led by Granger however is seeking to dismiss the allegations.

“The People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) dismisses the malicious publication of a United States (US) diplomatic cable dated June 27, 1974, which labels the Leader of our Party and President of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana, His Excellency Brigadier David A. Granger a racist,” a release stated.

The Party says that viewed in the context of the Cold War, the cable’s accusation with no supporting foundational evidence has no place in mainstream media.

 “President David Granger has dedicated his entire working life to public service and at all times a major pillar of his written works and his personal philosophy has been the pursuit of national unity. As Leader of the PNCR, Brigadier Granger has articulated on numerous occasions that national unity is an imperative in Guyana’s current fragile political, social and economic circumstances.”

It was noted that President Granger is on record, that in a plural society like Guyana’s, there is a clear choice between the uplifting benefits of cooperation and the downside of destructive political competition.

“President Granger’s personal life and his life works clearly debunks this malicious and unfounded claim. The PNCR questions the wisdom of the publication of this dated US Diplomatic Cable without a right of reply or any other supporting evidence.”




  1. PNC why are you upset, it’s the fact, he is racist and so are the others in pnc/apnu, take a walk down city hall, and one could tell the difference. plus the ongoing discrimination against Indian country wide

  2. PNCR spurns WikiLeaks cable that branded President Granger “racist”
    PNC is a racist political party from the day it was formed and the entire world knew it.
    They enjoyed it when the US labelled PPP “communist”
    Now the shoe is on the right foot being branded a “racist”
    Granger must never forget that in politics your todays friend is your tomorrows enemy.
    As long as elections are held free fair and transparent Granger and all others know PNC can not win.

    Its the same US who cuddled Nagamoottoo / Ramjattan & Roopnarine and told the to join PNC to make it appear as a national unity political party.
    When they married PNC the US and GECOM went to work to consummate the marrige with fake statement of polls and all.
    To this day ABC countries never once uttered that Guyana’s constitution calls for “recounts” in elections.

  3. A tiger NEVER changes its strips. Granger Danger was labeled a racist then and still is. He has the old dictator/racist mentality and that’s not going to change. The U.S. used him as their pawn to further their agenda (controlling petroleum wells across the world – rigged election) because the opposition won’t give them access to Venezuela… Of course, now the US backpedaled… Granger Danger is the US newest puppet…

    iNews, if you allowing biased comments, then don’t open the comment forum, period!

  4. I firmly believe people do change over time…more especially and they grow closer to their “maker”
    That this individual has presided over the elimination of over 1,500 Amerindo Guyanese jobs, of a reduction of a majority Indo Guyanese from the Civil Service/ Private Public Partnership, of the infusion of over 150 Afro Guyanese with known political affiliation of the old PNC into the Security apparatus …does make a case for concern.
    Does the assessment of the authors of the cables of over 40 years ago still hold true ? Or is he over powered by the extreme within his rank ? Is there deepening fracture within and who is being so Machiavellian to want to ex
    pose this now ?


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