Gunmen attack, terrorize Brazilian mining camp


crime scene[] – A Brazilian Mining Camp in Puruni, Region 7 was reportedly raided and attacked by six gunmen on Sunday, November 15 at approximately 12:00hrs.

A release from Raimundo Malhaeo, who is the brother of camp owner, noted that the gunmen demanded that the miners hand over the gold but when they failed to do so, they were beaten and gun butted to the head.

“The gunmen threatened to killed them if they remained on the camp grounds and told them they will be back today Monday,” the release noted.

Workers at the camp grounds recognized three of the bandits as “businessmen” and identified them in the release sent to the media.

It was noted that the owner of the camp, Nide Carneiro Malhao was not at the scene at the time; however he noted that he bought four mining blocks for $60 million in the area but only received paper work for one of the blocks.

The miner said that he is currently working on the block that he legally owns and believes that the attack on him was to scare him off the grounds since “these people were aware that the land has gold.”

It was noted that the matter has been reported to the Bartica Police Station and also at CID headquarters in Georgetown.



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