PM reveals dismembered body suffered multiple crushes


The Post Mortem examination that was conducted on the dismembered body of 40-year-old Curt Burke has revealed that the man died as a result of multiple crushes about his body.

Curt Burke
Curt Burke

As such law enforcement officers are of the view that the man whose body was found in the bushes on Wednesday at Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara (ECD) met his demise after being involved in a “hit and run accident” and not a homicide case.

One officer told INews that from the inception the police ranks opined that Burke had been killed after a vehicle slammed into him and drove away but family members contended that they were not convinced that this was so.

“The family and friends were saying that most likely he was killed and brought there because there wasn’t much blood around when he was discovered to say he got hit down there…it is understandable but the thing is that it rained a lot the night before and early morning so that would have played a big role in blood not being there…hence we had to wait for the PM to know exactly what was the cause of death and as we are told the multiple crushes are consistent with that of an accident,” another rank stated.

To date the police have been unable to apprehend any suspect in relation to this matter, however investigations are still on-going.

With regards to a mobile phone being found at the crime scene, INews understands that its owner had been involved in a fatal accident recently and was travelling from Berbice to make a report at a police station since he was on bail and had been required to do so.

The man saw the large crowd gathered where Burke’s body lay and curiosity got the better of him, a policewoman stated.

“He went over where the crowd was and lean over the body to peep. When he did that his cell phone fell over into the bushes and he couldn’t get it out back until the parlour men came and had to cut the bushes away. But it is a good thing some people saw when he came and what happened because he would have been in a lot of trouble again,” she said.




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