Shots fired at rice farmer for pumping water in fields


As rice farmers throughout the country continue to battle with harsh weather conditions which affect their produce one such farmer was threatened by a mob of 19 others for pumping water into his fields in Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

Dry rice field, thirsty for water
Dry rice field, thirsty for water

Another rice farmer from the angry group discharged two rounds in the man’s direction to “scare him off” so that they could use the water for their fields instead.

INews was told that the man who owns about 535 acres of land used for planting rice was trying to get water into his fields sometime on Thursday night when 19 rice farmers approached him in a threatening manner.

Reportedly, they told the man that he could not pump any water there because the area “did not have enough water for everyone.”

However, he continued to pump the water for his fields but had to take cover behind a tractor when one of the irate rice farmers fired “warning shots” into the air in his direction.

“Someone supposed to put systems in place so we can get adequate supply of water here especially in this dry season…until this happens people will fight and may just end up killing each other trying to save their rice and make a living…things already bad for all rice farmers and everyone left to survive on their own so anything can happen,” one man told INews.

Meanwhile, police ranks are investigating the matter and have not yet been able to locate the rice farmer who discharged the loaded firearm since he has two addresses; one home in Mahaicony where he could not be found, and the other in Georgetown.




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