PM commissions new Banquet Hall in his hometown; Says Linden is progressing  

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Proprietress Mrs. Janice Mc Almont, of J&C Renaissance Banquet Hall, sharing a light moment during the opening              ceremony
Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Proprietress Mrs. Janice Mc Almont, of J&C Renaissance Banquet Hall, sharing a light moment during the opening ceremony

[] – The J & C Renaissance Banquet Hall, which is located in Ameila’s Ward, Linden, on Saturday (August 2), opened its doors, another testimony to investors’ confidence in the local economy.

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds who commissioned the building, said the initiative also bears evidence that Linden is progressing and is on par with other parts of the country in terms of development.

“It brings great pleasure to us in government to see progress taking place, an event such as this, it shows that someone has made a judgment and has made an investment after seeing that Linden is advancing and progressing and not too far behind compared to other parts of the country.”

Prime Minister Hinds said as a Government, working to improve standards of living in the country is a priority and will always be the end point to which the administration works.

“We recognised that the achievements are firstly that of people, you may think of government handing out monies, but we only hand out what we receive in taxes, so the role of government on receiving revenue is to try to put in the infrastructure and the general condition that would encourage persons to see opportunity and make investments such as this one.”

The banquet hall has been deemed by the Prime Minister as a good example of development for the mining town.

Acknowledging the fact that Linden has had its share of challenges like the rest of the country, he noted that the community has withstood the tests and continued to progress.securedownload (2)

“We have moved on from those days of being a company town, this is a transformation that communities face all over the world. Most communities start on a single activity, but all situations change and after some time the conditions change and the initial activity is no longer profitable and there is the challenge of moving on and developing new activities.”

The Prime Minister cited the Amelia’s Ward community as a sign of development in Linden and considered it “a match for similar communities across the coast”.

“We in Government have been paying attention to Linden and we believe that Linden should share equally in what we have, and overall we are pleased with the developments that have been occurring in Linden. We would like to see some more economic activities; it’s a job for both of us, making it attractive for investors to come.”

The Prime Minister pointed out that these investments seek to build the economic base of the community, which it serves while at the same time creating employment opportunities.

“Some of us provide different services that are needed and this activity here exemplifies what we need to do. We Guyanese want a better life; we have to look at needs in our community, regions and look to satisfy those needs in an excellent way.”

The new facility will serve the community and moreso the youths as Mrs. Mc Almont has indicated that soon a programme targeting youths would be launched. She explained that there will be session on etiquette, proper dress codes, catering and craft sessions will be offered at the facility. 

[Extracted and modified from GINA]




  1. Congrats. Mr. & Mrs. Mc Calman may God always bless you both—-in life we never know what the future holds but we do know Who holds the future. There is more work ahead of you —so walk tall He will give you the strength to carry on. LOL

  2. Congrats Mrs. McAlmont keep up the ongoing progress. To Mr. Sam Hinds it is time you stop being a rubber stamp and work on leading this great Country. It is a dying shame to see the few intellect in this party just sits and allow Race to destroy what can be a time of growth form the mess we are in. the best hope we had was under Mr.D. Hoyte, who was too much of a true person that he was rail road by the worst of his party but now it is time you Mr. hinds,Dr. Roger Luncheon, Ms. Teixeira etc let us put race and party aside and work for the Country.

  3. dem peepol in linden will cry disenfranchised marginalized compressed depressed repressed oppressed for as long as men with names such as chedi jagan jagdeo ramotar are president of guyana..if the name was burnham hammie green hyte corbin granger koosi soloman nigel hughes cathy hughes there would be no cring from linden..they are a bunch of freeloaders who have no shame to know what others are paying for electricity..they are being led by a bunch that are hungry for power at all cost…even what they are paying is too much for them..they want it free because they are told they entitled to.


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