Pirates storm boat on fishing expedition in Waini River


Police are investigating reports of an alleged piracy committed on a four-man crew that was on a fishing expedition in the Waini River, North West District.

The boat, which was captained by a 30-year-old man of Kumaka Water Front, departed Morawhanna Village on Saturday (September 12) at around 22:00hrs.

The next day, at around 07:00hrs, the crew was awakened by the sound of men onboard the vessel.

According to the Guyana Police Force, information received indicated that there were five men, two of whom were armed with “long guns”; the suspects were clad in “what appeared to be military uniforms” and they were “speaking a foreign language”.

The pirates then took control of the vessel and forced the crew to the bow, where they remained for some 24 hours.

The suspects then brought onboard their belongings, from a wooden boat they tied onto the captured vessel.

However, the suspects then spotted other boats in the area and then left in pursuit of them. Before departing, they relieved the crew of their valuables, including a Plum Cellphone valued $16,000.

Shortly after the suspects disembarked the vessel, the captain hurriedly started the boat and proceeded to the open ocean to avoid being followed by the pirates.

On Monday, at around 05:40hrs, the captain and his crew went to the Mabaruma Police Station and made a report.

The suspects’ belongings, which were left onboard, were handed over to the police.

Investigations are ongoing.