‘Pepsi Sonics’ host Talent Spotting Sessions



Some children during the warm up sessions.
Some children during the warm up sessions.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – One of Guyana’s top basketball clubs – The Pepsi Sonics – is looking to spot talent for their youth squads with the hosting of a clinic for Children.

Being held at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall, the Clinic features several youths from the Georgetown region. It is introducing to the youngsters the sport of basketball as well as equipping them with the relevant skills and knowledge of the game.

Aubrey Chalmers, one of the Facilitators of the event, said that is the club’s mandate to share the sport.

“Our intention to assist them to get basic basketball principles in that went the do get really involved in the game they be able to make the necessary adjustments it also teaches life principles discipline and team sport to each and every one of them,” Chalmers said.

Meanwhile, the event is an annual one happening for the eighth year according to Chalmers and has attracted some key talent for the sport over the years.

The Facilitator players selected are usually given a spot in their usual first or third division units.




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