Parliament boycott to continue; PPP mum on Jagdeo as Opposition Leader


By Jomo Paul

Parliament[] – The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) says it will not be heading into the National Assembly on Thursday, June 25 to debate the President’s speech nor is it sure when it will be going to Parliament.

In fact, the Party’s General Secretary Clement Rohee at a press conference on Monday made it clear that the Party is uncertain whether it will be in Parliament before August 24 – when the APNU+AFC’s deadline for its 100 day plan expires.

He said that the PPP intends to be a part of parliament “but I can’t say with certainty that it will be within the first 100 days.”

Speaking directly to the issue of the Party’s participation in the upcoming meeting of Parliament, Rohee said that the PPP wants to stay clear of a debate on President David Granger’s speech.

“In any event, a cursory perusal of Granger’s speech slated for debate would show that it is replete with platitudes and back-sliding on AFC+APNU election campaign promises that makes the Cummingsburg Accord look like a tattered and useless document,” Rohee stated.

The General Secretary went on to berate the coalition’s 100-day-plan asserting that most of the promises will not be met.

“As it stands, it appears that nothing they promised will now be delivered and, once again, the Guyanese people have been deceived,” affirmed Rohee.

Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Bharrat Jagdeo. [iNews’ Photo]
Meanwhile, responding to recent reports that Former President Bharrat Jagdeo has been named Opposition Leader, Rohee said that the general public would have to “wait and see who sits where” when the PPP decides to go to Parliament.

There has also not been any confirmation on who will be the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, which is to be nominated by the PPP/C.



  1. Peter: Let’s face the facts .Which other Guyanese Leader or scholar was awarded five Honorary Doctorate degrees from reputable universities across the world? Which other Caribbean Leader or scholar was awarded five Honorary Doctorate degrees from reputable universities across the world? Which other Caribbean Leader achieved five percent economic growth for their countries for six consecutive years .Which other Caribbean citizen received CHAMPION OF THE EARTH AWARD ? If you can provide me with one such name , I will admit that my brain needs to be fixed. if not would you agree that your brain needs to be fixed?

  2. sly what are you drinking, in this modern age of tv, computers and tablets and smart phones you are still an idiotic moron, what progress are you talking about, private owners building skyscrapers around georgetown with drug money and then laundering it to foreign investors, building a marriott hotel with taxpayers money to sell to foreign investors at a discount price and pocket the difference, the rice farmers has not been paid for the last 2 years, Guysuco can’t pay it’s workers, the government took the guysuco workers union dues and spent it on God knows what, the city of Georgetown stinks and floods as soon as the rain sets up, you are the one who needs to get their facts right before opening your idiotic mouth.

  3. And here I thought that it’s only in Germany they grow indoctrinated brain dead peoplee, bobby you need to see a neurologist to get your pea brain fixed.

  4. Well said Bibi. It is as clear as crystal. He showed off his corrupt self all the years he mamaguy himself as President. Ramotar play President with Bharrar behind the scene and now trying to be opposition leader. What the hell??? Bharrat do not need anymore salary. These money hungry and power struck dunces.

  5. Thank you. You are not talking from an ethnic point of view. You are talking from common sense and a love for your country. Right is absolutely right and wrong is wrong. PPP did wrong blatanttly before our eyes and yet they are those who applaud them with their nasty so called politics. Really!!!

  6. Strong economy? Striving rice industry? Let me add one more for you striving sugar industry as well, right? And all the other white elephants that have been visible. Have you been sitting on your ears and eyes. Have you seen what the new government has to work with? Where are all the money and stable economy you are talking bout. Where do you get your information from the mirror and guyana time. Take your own advice and read other media then think honestly and let me know if you come up with the same. Say you are a pppc sucker and you will always be no matter what. Then and only then i will understand who you are.

  7. Who the hell are u? And what the hell are you trying to say? From the little i try to understand, i can’t even comment on it for it’s all crap.


  9. Wake up sly,we in 2015,,,,the CUP hot, Jail stink,,,and all the power you criminals had finish,,,wake up and start living or you can do like your baboo brothers and sisters RUN ,,,

  10. ICE CUBE in a HOT CUP,sly take off the shades and stop trying,the piss poor poppets/ criminals fINISH they out,get with it and hope the heat on the CUP will not land most if not all of the 3% that stole,Rape and is responsible for the destruction of so many families, Barrat is the reason you braindead fools are being exposed, the dark days have come to light, take a look at how many men and women most indo are drug addicts and DRUG lords, Khan and company all friends of the ppp,,is the reason, Barrat is NFG,,,

  11. I oftentimes wonder if some people like Bibi and Nadera have no understanding of Guyana’s political history under the PPP, PNC and PPPC.Instead of blogging from an uninformed (ignorant) position, they should read solid, verifiable, recorded history of the country from as many sources as possible. Not only listening to and reading the writings of those who enjoy re-writing, distorting/ history to suit themselves or their masters.If they have any brain cells, they would realise who were and are responsible for the state Guyana is in.
    In every period of both PPP and PPPC administrations, evidences are all around to show progress made.What did the PNC leave for the Guyanese people? NOTHING but bankruptcy/ empty treasury, despair, misery, hopelessness, mass migration, fear, oppression.
    They APNU/AFC after being catapulted into office. have inherited a strong economy, rebuilt health and education facilities, massive improvement of the infrastructure, thriving rice industry which the PNC killed,’. Do you want to read more? Then do your research.
    I know as I have lived through the good, bad, indifferent times just there in Guyana.

  12. To tell you the true the PPP do nothing for poor class people, and some our people still supporting them , I think the Present Ganger should let invesgater come in from out side and invegate all of them before inter in to parliament

  13. Dr Jagdeo is nationally and internationally respected and has contributed to the development of Guyana, let us put aside our differences and allow him as the leader of the opposition and we will see an even better Guyana!

  14. SLY …I’M always seeing you commenting on I news and every time I read your post you continue to sound like a confounded idiot. You are always talking about the great things that the PPP/C did and how Guyana has grown under their watch. I say to you “fool” growth is not defined by a majority of 1% being able to prosper OK. You can’t say that “oh great things are happening”, when more than half the population can’t afford decent living conditions. I can accept if a family has to save to purchase a car, or pay for a college education, or build a nice house, but it is unacceptable for families to have to save to eat a decent meal or wear shoes without holes. Maybe you don’t know anyone who goes through these situations each day so that’s why you continue to speak of growth. A country is as strong as its middle class OK. You have University Graduates who sacrifice years of their life to study only to come out and can’t get jobs, while people with no qualifications sit in positions doing nothing. SLY I implore you be honest in your comments otherwise just “SHUT THE HELL UP.

  15. Guyana under Jagdeo witness great deterioration in terms of honesty, through corruption, theft on a grand scale and the running down of the county as a whole….throwing up large ugly buildings with nuff windows is what you call progress?, boy your dumb…would be glad to see his arse thrown in jail and the obliteration of the rest of those dim-wits masquerading as PPP ministers, thick and stupid the lot of them

  16. Bibi, reading your comment gives me the impression that you were in a state of hibernation for the entire period of the PPPC governance. When you eventually came out of that state, you were so confused that it was difficult for you to differentiate between light and darkness.
    Guyana under the Jagdeo / PPPC leadership witnessed spectacular economic prosperity, with the Golden Arrowhead flying proudly by all Guyanese across the diaspora and in the country as well. Guyana was described as the only Bright Star in the Caribbean. The country, from bankruptcy inherited from the PNC, food shortages, collapsed educational and health systems, widespread bribery in every government department-you had to bribe someone even to get a death certificate not to mention a birth certificate- has moved from chronic hunger and despair to one of self sufficiency and pride.
    It is useless elaborating on all the achievements made under the Jagdeo/PPPC administration because you are looking through a prejudiced and clouded lens and cannot see. So ask yourself who is shameless then look into the mirror and you will find the answer

  17. if you love your country ,and you are intrested in its developements ,and security,you should attend, what you want to start a war, hahahaha, i wish you all the best, i love,my country and people , my people are nothing , more than a bunch of cowards, i say this from my heart, i have been all over the world, and lived among them , other people will no take this shit, that you were givnig guyana
    they would fight you, to the death, so my people, you have allowed this to happen to you, all the the ppp, ministers , should be placed in jail, and banned from political office, never to return, i am indian too, ok,

  18. My hope is that they have done great things for you as the rest of struggling Guyanese do not know what great things you are referring to Julie. Did you get a mansion or a million dollar home or maybe one if those big money positions the PPP doled out to their sons, daughters, relatives and friends?

  19. Shut up. You don’t know what you are blogging about. This man had done great things for Guyana.

  20. julie astin, or whom ever you are, you need an thorough education. You can’t even formulate a simple sentence that makes any sense. I suspect you were schooled under Jagdeo no wonder! Keep voting ppp, you’re your own worst enemy!

  21. Hornest speaking all of those who betray pppc n thieves during in governance is apnu representatives n supporters right now the questions is why and how come ….cause they plan it long before n only wait to take the first shot soon as the results of the election pass Pppc done great things. To Guyana from nothing to somthing and that is the truth…..

  22. .They are waiting to see APNU+ AFC fail when they failed us for many years..APNU + AFC now have to fix the mess they left us in. For all i care PPP/C can stay home and let Guyana grow now. I hope Parliament continues without them.

  23. Are they awaiting the decision of the court pertaining to Jagdeo since they want to make him their opposition leader? So they will take their seats hopefully in July after his court hearing date? Why should he Jagdeo become active in the lives of the nation again? He ruined the country and the nation while he was in office. He was the shadow president for the former government now he may be the opposition leader? What mess is this.

    here needs to be a vote to stop his involvement in active governmental affairs. He can be a private citizen and air his views but should not be actively engage in any political party as leader or speaker. Only in Guyana!!!!

    Laws need to be changed pertaining to former Presidents and their degree of political involvement. This man Jagdeo has no shame!!! No one needs him, he destroyed the country educationally and economically and is a fraud and threat to integration and peace of the Guyanese nation. He is a racist and a threat to the stability of Guyana.

  24. hey rohee, and other ppp leaches. Listen UP… no one give a rat’s ass if you crooks show up in parliament. The majority of Guyanese feel you should be banished to an un-inhabited island in the Essequibo river and never see your crooked faces again. Good riddance to the defacto ppp cabal.

  25. These shameless crooks should do Guyana and their supporters a favor and stay home permanently. 23 years of their scandalous reign has left our country in dire straights. These people are political children whose only claim to fame is pillaging the national coffers enriching their children, friends and close relatives. Building mansions and purchasing million dollar homes while allowing foreigners to abscond with the rest. Selling the country off to the highest bidder while turning a blind eye and a closed ear as they mistreat our citizens. Do us all a favor and stay home


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