Pregnant 15-Y-O attempts suicide


pregnant-woman-in-hospital[] – A pregnant 15-year-old attempted to kill herself and unborn child at the weekend in Essequibo, which led to her hospitalisation at the Suddie Hospital.

According to Reports, the 15-year-old who hails from Onderneeming Housing Scheme is five months pregnant.

iNews understands that the young woman took a knife and attempted to stab herself in the abdomen. She was kept under constant surveillance at the Suddie Hospital before being discharged.

Several residents of the Onderneeming Red Village are calling for Pastors to pray and talk to the frustrated teenager who has to be monitored closely by relatives.



  1. when will she be charged; has everyone forgotten that she has broken the law by attempting to take her life?

  2. Teen pregnancy is a troubling issue in just about every country. Parents have failed or are failing miserably in teaching their children good morals or the importance of sound judgement. We see the results. Children cannot raise children. As a retired foster care social worker in the US I saw and see the results on a daily basis. Acknowledging the fact of parental failure it is left up to the government’s child protection agency to initiate and disseminate programs aimed at teaching the necessary skills to young people both male and female in order to hopefully stem this tide of unwanted pregnancies. Of course the Education Department will have to play a pivitol role in this initiative.Failing this the consequences in both human and social capital will be significant. A country as small as Guyana cannot afford this.


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