Overseer resigns amid fraud concerns at Johns-Port Mourant NDC

The Johns-Port Mourant NDC building

The overseer who was attached to the John-Port Mourant Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) has resigned.

According to a letter from the Local Government Commission to the NDC Chairman, Vimen Armogan, dated September 26, 2023, the overseer “voluntarily terminated” his services. As such, the Commission advised the NDC to advertise the vacancy.

The Chairman had also late last month submitted his resignation but according to information reaching this publication, he effectively still remains on the job but does the ‘bare minimum’.

Both the resignations of the chairman and the overseer come amid fraud concerns at the NDC.

Reports are that the Chairman was against the NDC seeking the intervention of the Local Government Commission and the police regarding the allegations of embezzlement and fraud against the overseer.

It had been reported that the overseer had allegedly ‘employed’ at least two government part-time workers unknown to them and had allegedly been pocketing their salaries.

The overseer allegedly forged the signatures of at least two persons whom he placed on the payroll in order to pocket the money.

Reports are that he has since repaid the NDC some $80,000.