Over 1100 parents receive education grant at Leguan, Wakenaam


unnamed[www.inewsguyana.com] – As the Ministry of Education continues the distribution of the $10,000 education grant. ” Because we Care”, over 1100 Leguan and Wakenaam, parents today received their grants in the presence of Education Minister, Priya Manickchand and Member of Parliament (MP) Bibi Shaddick.

The $10,000 per child grant initiative is expected to benefit 188,406 families of the students of nursery, primary, and secondary schools in the public school system and will see a total of $2B being invested by Government. Six schools benefited from Leguan and 10 in Wakenaam.

While addressing the parents, Minister Manickchand said that this initiative is testimony that the Government of Guyana cares about its people, and that Guyana is growing as a country.

Minister Manickchand highlighted some of the developments that have been occurring in the education sector over the past two decades.

She emphasised that 20 years ago, the country could not have afforded to embark on such a critical venture, however, today the PPP/C Administration has made it possible that every child throughout the length of Guyana can receive the education grant.kkk

“If you say your life is better now than it was 10 years ago, that is because you have a Government who spends and invests in a way that will see every single person being able to progress,” Minister Manickchand asserted.

Government understands that in order for the country to move forward and develop, the youths must be well educated.

In this regard, Minister Manickchand said that Government has been investing billions of dollars annually to ensure that education facilities are accessible to every child, regardless of their location.

The distribution process of this initiative officially kicked off in Bartica on October 11 where hundreds of parents and children gathered to receive their grants in the presence of President Donald Ramotar and other Cabinet members.

Over the past few months, the Education Ministry had embarked on a series of consultations to find out the best way to disburse the funds. At today’s exercise, parents had to produce their ID cards before uplifting their vouchers which can be encashed at any Western Union outlet. [Extracted and modified from GINA]



  1. Is this to buy votes in the next election? I hope not. This government has cater to themselves all a long just lining their pockets misrepresenting the people and using the years under Burnham as a rule as good measure. we have to move away from racism, old politics and put the people first. “ONE PEOPLE ONE NATION” respecting our different backgrounds and making all resources available to all Guyanese not just the Indians or those who you favor. The best time in this country was under President H.D Hoyte from whom the PPP/C was able to inherit a good economy and agenda which they ran with and call their own.


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