Glenn Lall, wife released on bail following fraud charge

Mr and Mrs Lall outside of the Georgetown Magistrate's Court.


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Publisher of the Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall greets supporters outside the Georgetown Magistrate's Court shortly after being charged.
Publisher of the Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall greets supporters outside the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court shortly after being charged.

[] – The courtroom at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court was packed to capacity this morning (Monday, October 13) as many turned out in solidarity with Publisher of the Kaieteur News, Glenn Lall and his wife Bhena Lall, who appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry to answer fraud and aiding and abetting charges.

The charges were filed by Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) Khurshid Sattaur on behalf of the tax agency after weeks of back and forth between Lall and Sattaur.

The charges read that both Mr. and Mrs. Lall knowingly dealt with goods with intent to defraud the state and evaded taxes that was payable to customs. They were placed on self bail.

Both defendants pleaded not guilty to the charges. The charges stemmed from the importation of two Lexus vehicles by Narootandeo and Gharbassi Brijnanans who are friends of the Lalls.

The Brijnanans imported the vehicles when they moved back to Guyana under the re – migrant scheme which allowed them duty free imports. The Guyana Revenue Authority is alleging that the vehicles were being used by Lall and his wife from time to time.

Mr and Mrs Lall outside of the Georgetown Magistrate's Court.
Mr and Mrs Lall outside of the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court.

Lall had the support of his entire staff and Editor-in-Chief of his newspaper Adam Harris, who hugged him as he exited the Court with his wife by his side arms in arms.

The defendants will reappear in court on November 24 and the matter was transferred to Court three by the Chief Magistrate. The lawyers – Mahendra Satram and Sandil Kissoon – who both represent the GRA did not object to bail.

Lall hired a high power team of lawyers, including Senior Counsel Rex McKay, Khemraj Ramjattan, Nigel Hughes, Christopher Ram, Joseph Harmon, Brendan Glassford, Bettina Glassford and Robin Hunte.

These lawyers are also representing the Brijnanans. The Kaieteur News Publisher even asked if the Guyana Times Newspaper was in attendance at the Court and seemed relieved that they were when a reporter was identified.

When Lall was heading out of the court compound, scores of persons were outside cheering and screaming his name and made their support for him known.

The Brijnanans are currently out of the country and are expected to make their Court appearance with the Lalls on November 24.

The couple is maintaining that there was no breach of the tax laws of Guyana.

However,the GRA Head has pointed out that for the vehicles which cost approximately US$90,000 each would have attracted taxes of approximately US$251,000 (GYD$51M); adding that the total taxes that were evaded are close to $100M.




  1. baboolall gat the same backers as their mitta sharma does..u ent hear ow dem does talk seh awee lob yuh mitta shamma aweelov yuh mitta shamma keep upde gud wok mittashamma..same ones run to sharma rescue when he allowed a caller on his on air program with threats to kill the former president…if a member of pppwas in tax hot water as lall is ..u bet your life these same lawyers would be huffing and puffing ppp to blow them in..i anyone wasput on air with threats to pnc leader or any member ofpnc you bet your life these same lawyers would be huffing and puffing till that tv station is closed down..they think most guyanese are that stupid not to see right through them..LALL CAN SMILE HE WON THE FUSS ROUND..

  2. Look at the lawyers?
    Just look at them, and they want to rule Guyana.
    I am surprised Moses did not make the cut!
    Laugh Mr Lall, laugh your head off with your supporting cast.
    Heaven is looking.
    The walls of Jericho came down, just remember that.
    I hope you can sleep with clear conscience.
    You fight Guyana good and hard.
    You will go down in History Sir.
    Yes, you will go down just like the despot Forbes Burnham.

  3. This is nothing but a witch hunt What about when Jagdeo wife was held with a brief case of millions of dollars heading to Canada. How is it a car that cost $90.000 taxes is $ 251.000 what’s wrong with this math?

  4. durga babboo..u wont like to know if those 2 73 years young folks in NY could drive or ever drove a vehicle..or if they still can sit behind the wheel..u think the NY authorities wont want to know where they worked to accumulate their wealth to buy such expensive vehicles at they ripe old young age. the report says they are back in NY..are they re migrants really..

  5. if u r an adviser to the lalls u better tell them to be very careful for what they are asking for since they might just get it and when they get it they will not like it.. lall is very lucky for one reason only…that reason is PPP and US dont see eye to eye on ceratin things and PPP does open their mouth against US if not US would have done string Lall by the balls like how they done it to rajah khan..u ent smart enough as yet..u ent clue in as yet..stay tuned..

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  7. dat man look like wan flim star, happy ,confident. but what else would yuh expect fram wan man who custom to get away wid murda.

  8. When mr lal win this case he sue the guyana government and mr sattaur,because only in guyana your friend or family member can’t drive your car ,

  9. Lall asked if Guyana Times sent a reporter because the ‘owners’ were hoping to report that Lall was remanded instead of bailed.
    The GRA under Sattaur has become worse than imagined, and I expect to see more damning information about who got duty free concessions hitting the presses.
    Jaggie simply screwed up the system of government in his bid to get rich quickly or die trying. But he will go and leave all he took!

  10. Lall hired a battery of well-known attorneys including Senior Counsels Rex McKay, Khemraj Ramjattan, Nigel Hughes, Christopher Ram, Joseph Harmon, Brendan Glassford, Bettina Glassford and Robin Hunte.

    Next case on the docket is the PPP AG…
    SN reporting::
    Remigrant duty-free vehicle probe touches Attorney-General::

    Documentation was recently brought to the attention of the Stabroek News whereby a family member of the Attorney-General had utilized Nandlall’s Prashad Nagar, Georgetown address when filling out the concession registration for a Mercedes luxury SUV.

    Kamal Mangal is listed as the primary owner of the vehicle, Plate PPP 9090, and also listed Lot 55 Chandra Nagar Street, Prashad Nagar as his primary address.

    ah lyke how lall an he wife smiling and lall even asking if guyana times reporters there too coz he want them to see his pretty smile


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