Opposition says Granger to lose immunity after March 21

Opposition Leader, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo says he will be moving with full force to get as much help as possible to ensure that sanctions are placed on President David Granger and his Cabinet, declaring that the president will lose his immunity after Thursday, March 21.

Guyana will be entering uncharted waters after Thursday as the three-month constitutionally mandated period -for election after a no-confidence motion- will come to a conclusion.

But President David Granger has expressed little to no worry, claiming that everything remains the same until an election is held.

However, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has a different view.

In fact, Jagdeo said on Wednesday that Granger will lose his immunity.

“One thing that is clear in all of the opinion we have received, that the government will be illegal from March 22. We have had politically here the Government shall become illegal. Lawyers are saying that this is some coup d’état  against the constitution- illegal occupation of office. Every act that he undertakes. He will lose all his immunities, can’t claim entitlement” Jagdeo told the media at a press conference.

By that he means Granger will also be illegally occupying his office and failing to act in accordance with the constitution of Guyana.

Based on the advice of Opposition lawyers, every act that he conducts or undertakes after March 21. He will be answerable to all acts.

While Jagdeo says his party plans to lobby international sanctions against the coalition, he noted that they will also organise protests.

He however made it clear that these protests will not be destructive or violent as was with the protests organised by the PNC days gone by.

“We have made it clear. We are very diffident from the PNC. We will not burn a single building as they did. We will not damage public infrastructure; we will not beat people on the streets or harass them” Jagdeo revealed.

He added that Guyana will be faced with a crisis due to the Government’s failure to comply with the supreme law of the land.



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