Opposition rejects petition on Cricket Bill


[www.inewsguyana.com] – A day after the voting down of a petition to fast track the Cricket Administration Bill, the Government says that it remains committed to the passage and assent of the much needed piece of legislation.

A senior spokesman in the government said that all is not lost as they will be trying again to get the Bill fast tracked. The source indicated that the opposition does not understand the importance of the key piece of legislation which will deeply impact cricket in the region.

On Thursday, December 12 the government attempted to present to the National Assembly a petition signed by cricket stakeholders and persons involved in the sport and its administration.

The petition cited that there is no legitimate executive of the Guyana Cricket Board as well as transparency and accountability for monies remitted by the West Indies cricket to the purported GCB.

APNU Member of Parliament Basil Williams asked that the petition not be heard based on the language used which was of concern coupled with the absenteeism of those individuals involved to make representation on their own behalf.

However, Government Chief Whip Gail Teixeira said the petition was in order and despite appealing to the other side of the House that they are going down the wrong road; the opposition upheld its decision and rejected the petition.




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