Opposition preparing supporters not to accept elections results – Rohee

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee

By Jomo Paul



General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee

[www.inewsguyana.com] – General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Clement Rohee says that A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) is preparing its supporters not to accept the results of the May 11 polls should the coalition lose in its bid to be elected to office.

Rohee made the point while speaking at PPP’s news conference on Tuesday April 07, as he condemned recent “disrespectful” statements from the Leader of the Working Peoples Alliance (WPA) Dr Rupert Roopnaraine at the APNU/AFC Anna Regina Rally on Saturday.

The WPA Leader had told the thousands of supporters gathered at Damon Square that “we have to recognise that after the people vote we have to protect the vote because we are dealing with a desperate band. All things are possible so when we cast that ballot on May 11 let us ensure that we make arrangements to secure every single ballot station and every single ballot box in the land because the revolution must succeed.”

Rohee said that Roopnaraine should jolt his memory to the fact that it was the PPP that fought for a return to democracy during the Burham era.

“Mr Roopnaraine should be reminded that it was the PPP who fought for free and fair elections and a return to democracy…the very democracy that affords him the luxury of making such ludicrous statements with luxury,” the General Secretary said.

Dr. Rupert Roopnarine
Dr. Rupert Roopnarine

He said that both the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) should take note of the statements made by Roopnaraine since they amount to “incitement.”

“Not only is his statement scandalous but rife with incitement and provocation…instead of accusing the PPP of rigging he should first explain the sordid event that took place in South Georgetown in 2011,” Rohee lamented.

According to him, from all indications the APNU/AFC is preparing its supporters not to accept the results of the May 11 polls.

He said “the opposition appears to be preparing their supporters not accept the May 11 results after they would have been defeated.”

Rohee maintained that the PPP has never and will never be involved in election rigging.



  1. The PPP/C could be blamed for a lots of things. However, I wouldn’t include the rigging of election as one of them. The probability of having a free and fair election is much greater in the hands of the PPP/C rather than those of APNU or any other coalition.
    As a voting public, we should vote on principle, plans and policies.

  2. Hey looknah, did you listen to your god father tape? Winston Felix and basil Williams? If you can’t hear properly, then read up on the death of Vincent Teekah, and Green wife death. Then come back with your findings.

  3. Would you want an idiot to ball on a bullhorn even though elections were two months away?
    He was an as#set alright for APNU+AFC.
    How much money he get for his efforts?
    Granger drop him like a hot potato.
    He will drap you too on May 12th.

  4. the nagamottoo ramjatan granger And all them what’s talking about the PPP not doing a good job in Guyana have to be all fools it dos not take too much to look at where Guyana is now and where it was under the pnc government the nagamottoo is a a jackass who would have nothing to offer the people of guyana as for the ramjatan all you have to do is look at his scampesh face who in there righ mind would trust him guyana is a beautiful country
    Guyanese in the whole should vote with the best interest of the country and the hard working people that lives there look at where our country is now I am a proud guyanese and without a second taught vote for PPP as I know they are the best party for guyana so come on guyanese let’s keep guyana moving forward and not backward vote PPP

  5. what does apnu/afc have? a band of pensioners fighting for a place in the sun. oh GO HOME(dead) you old suckers !!

  6. The best way to deal with Roopnarine is to ignore him. He is in the same category as Frederick Kissoon. They both suffer from an Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) which causes them to crave for public attention even though they are irrelevant.

    Roopnarine is a washed up “politician” already on the political rubbish heap. His reference to rigged elections is incoherent and this portrays someone who has problems with memory. He is confusing something he heard of what AFCAPNU plans to do. This man should be ignored.

  7. if and when this happens then hold ramjattan–nagamoottoo–ramkarran –ropenarine responsible…jail them if possible…these are the pnc intellectual authors who stoking pnc fire ….these men are career politicians..they were left out of the pie for too long..they will do anything now to get their piece of the pie since this all the last hurraah for all of them..they are like cows going slaughter house so they dont care where they shit and who they shit on since all their families are living out of guyana.

  8. because the revolution must succeed.”

    Are you fighting a communist revolution Sir?
    What if you lose the election will you endorse anarchy?
    We have seen this blatant disregard for basic freedom at Linden and Agricola where roads were blocked and Indian school children were running in all directions?

    Some people of Indian descent no doubt appears to be self haters. These self haters will never get a CUP of tea from me.

  9. Rupert Roopnarine should say if indeed he knew about the bomb that killed Dr. Walter Rodney. This old man get alot of secret in him

  10. yet again the morally and ethically bankrupt ppp wants guyanese to believe that what they have under the ppp / government is democracy.

    crum-ewing was brutally assassinated because he dare protest against an attorney general threatening a media house and using a bull horn to encourage voters to turn out an vote and still the delusional rohee wants to tell folks that the ppp brought democracy to guyana.

    the dutty track record of the ppp points to corruption, nepotism, threats, assassinations, torture, lax security, rampant drug running among a host of other ills but guyana is a democracy to some fools!

  11. First off, that’s an insult to people’s intelligence. Is he a mind reader? Mr. Rohee, your statement is asinine, and in addition to insulting the Guyanese citizens, it shows your level of thinking.


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