Political Parties, GECOM & City Hall set for nomination


nomination-2[www.inewsguyana.com] – All is set and ready for today’s nomination process to be held at city hall.

Nomination will commence at 13:30 hours and will likely be a shorter process this time around, given that the number of parties presenting have reduced.

In the immediate past election for instance, the Alliance for Change (AFC) and the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) presented separate lists, while this time around, they will present together, a single list.

For the 2011 elections, the APNU had already consumed the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) and four smaller parties, namely, the Guyana Action Party (GAP), National Front Alliance (NFA), Working People’s Alliance (WPA) and the Justice For All Party (JFAP).

This year, apart from the APNU-AFC, the Guyana Elections Commission will receive the list from the People’s Progressive Party/Civic which is seeking its 6th term in office.

And based on all indications, there is likely going to be some smaller parties petitioning to GECOM to contest the elections.

These include The Unite Force (TUF) led by Marissa Nadir and the Independent Party led by Mark Benschop. slide3

Nomination will close at 18:00 hours, after which GECOM will return to office to peruse the documents presented, which includes the parties’ list of candidates and the constituencies they wish to contest, etc.

Should there be any need for queries/clarifications; the respective parties will be contacted by GECOM for same.

Meanwhile, the two major parties are all set too, for nomination.

Both parties will lead supporters in marches through sections of Georgetown, to City Hall. The marches will be led by the parties’ Presidential and Prime Ministerial Candidates.

There are expectations that the lists of the PPP/C and APNU-AFC will throw a few surprises.



  1. something very sad happened yesterday for nagamoottoo…i felt very sad for nagamoottoo…it remind me of parade ground in 06 where afc had their meeting..the crowd was like 99% afro guyanese…they told ramjattan in clear and simple words ” we come hey to hear from trotman and not you”…yesterday around city hall it happened again…this time it was nagamoottoo turn to be drowned out by the massive pnc crowd..the pnc crowd never even acknowledged nagamoottoo…it was all pnc granger all the way..how much longer will these career poloticians like nagamoottoo ramjattan ramkarran agonize and remain silent on things unfolding before their very eyes????? how long will these men remain silent on pnc atrocities just for the sake of hate…??? the other day granger called those that were murdered trying to follow ballot boxes “gangsters” I would like any journalist who wants to be fair to ask nagamoottoo ramjattan ramkarran if they agreed with granger statement …i would like a journalist to ask nagamoottoo ramjattan ramkarran why they remain silent on the atrocities that took place on agricola public road by one ethnic group to another ethnic group..most guyanese would love their take on these matters.

  2. Marissa Nadir is now leading the United Force? I doubt she can barely wipe her own backside much less lead a country.


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